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Vietnam - Passports and Visas



Most nationalities are required with a passport with a validity exceeding 6 months after the date of entry, to enter Vietnam.

Day trippers from the bordering countries of Cambodia and China bearing identity cards may enter Vietnam for specified purposes such as agriculture or business.

Vietnam recognizes, and accepts, seamen's documentation for entry as ship crew.

Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival required for all visitors to Vietnam.


Foreigners usually require a valid visa to enter VietNam; citizens of member countries of the ASEAN that have agreements with Vietnam are not required a visa for entry for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Vietnam visa conditions generally mirror those imposed upon the Vietnamese Nationals of the travellers' home country (tit-for-tat).

Visas are required for all except:

- Overseas Vietnamese (if this is you, then the Visa examption form has to be obtained and filled in from your country of residency, also need to consult the local Vietnamese embassy for details)

- National of Denmark, Findland, Norway and Sweden for 15 days.

- Nationals of Bulgaria, Cuba, Japan, Korea and Romania;
( nationals of Singapore, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand for 30 days;

- Nationals of the Philippines for 21 days;

- Transit passengers continuing their journey within 72 hours, proved holding valid return or onward tickets.

Notes when arriving in Vietnam

All visitors have to complete an entry card and customs form which will be given during the flight for customs and immigration processing. Once processed, you will be handed back one copy of this form. Do not loose this as you will need it again for exit formalities.

For those passing over a landborder, these forms can be obtained at the border check point.

Vietnam doesn't offer any type of visa on arrival, i.e. you can't come without having a visa from home or having a travel company in Vietnam who has made a visa for you and has subcribed it to the local officials before your arrival.


Enoy your Vietnam Travel
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