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mduell 01-07-2003 10:54 PM

ITYT Trip Report
December 21, 2002

The cruise that I'm not going to miss.

Proposed: 935A* HP6151 SBA-PHX, 1205P HP881 PHX-FLL
Currently: Seat 12D at FL230 on 1152A HP6152 SBA-PHX CRJ2

After checking and having all four members of my family being "randomly" selected for extra searching (the kind checkin lady said it was probably because we had booked our HP tix through AM), we proceded to Gate 2 at the Santa Barbara terminal. A quick 10 minute wait for security (where, thanks to orange stickers on our boarding passes, we got an extra wanding/pat-down) and then into the waiting area. And we waited. And we waited. Then they announced that a mechanic would arrive in 20 minutes (mind you, this was 5 minutes after we were supposed to leave). The mechanic shows up, talks to the pilot, and our running boy tell us that they are waiting for a part to come in on a UA flight with a 1050A proposed arrival time. In the meantime, since we know we will miss our connection in PHX, we go to the agent to see what we can do about getting to Florida, tonight. LAX, SFO, SJC, OAK, DEN? All their flights to FLL and MIA are booked. We do have a chance, if we can get to SLC by 400P. But the UA flight to SLC at noon is full. Damn. Finally get a routhing through IAH and MIA, then they will pay for an hour long cab ride to MIA. The UA flight shows up around 1125A, the part (which we were later informed was the deicing system for the starboard engine) is installed, and we are all boarded and ready in sequence at 1145A. A bit of bumpyness going out of SBA, usual HP fare for snacks (I had Orange Juice and we were lucky enough to get the First Class Roasted Gold Mix back in peon class).

Remaining proposal: 410P CO1479 PHX-IAH, 830P CO190 IAH-MIA
Currently: PHX, Gate B12

Arrive in PHX 1300P. Procede immediately to the customer service counter (where there are already 10 people, thanks to a number of other cancelled/delayed/missed flights in the morning), get taken to another counter, and finally they start writing up slips so we can get on a flight to Houston, then Miami. We ask about my grandparents, who were headed PSP-PHX-FLL (supposed to join us in PHX so we were all on the FLL flight), and discover that their flight was late too. But instead of getting the same PHX-IAH-MIA as us, they were sent PHX-LAX-ATL-FLL, with an overnight in ATL (1250A-650A) and then into FLL at 830A. Pretty rough for two people in their eighties. Boarding passes in hand for the 410P CO1479 PHX-IAH, we head to the gate.

Remaining Proposal: 410P CO1479 PHX-IAH, 830P CO190 IAH-MIA
Currenly: Seat 21D at FL270 444P CO1479 PHX-IAH B738/739

At the gate we found out that the IAH-MIA flight is currently oversold. Joy oh joy. At least we don't have to board the boat until tomorrow. CO1479 begins boarding when we should be departing, but eventually we get out of PHX. Much nicer seats on CO than HP, and instead of Snack mix we get a Ham or Turkey sandwich (I had the latter), Fritos, Oreos, and Coke. Watch Oceans 11 while writing this up, and experiencing a bit of bumpyness during descent into IAH, and now its time for me to shut down. More in IAH or on CO190 (I'm hoping for the latter).

Remaining Proposal: None
Currently: Seat 7C ascending 855P CO190 IAH-MIA B733/735

Finally, I might actually make it to the hotel tonight. Well, tomorrow morning actually. Slightly late arrival in IAH left us rushing to make a 20 min connection. The ticket agents had our tickets (all together, for the first time today) at the gate for the Miami flight, and it was (following the pattern of every other flight today) delayed 25 minutes. Equipment is much older, no nifty headrests that fold up. And two gripes about the entertainment onboard. One, the non-standard headphone jack is just annoying. I'd much rather pay the $5 to get my jack activated than have to use their crappy headsets to listen to it. Two, they dont have a sounds from the cockpit station, for those of us interested in avation. But overall I am very pleased with CO's service. One other oddity, in SBA, HP wanted to see ID. In PHX, CO wanted to see ID. In IAH, CO announces that ID before boarding is no longer company policy, and please put ID away so you dont lose it.

December 22, 2002
Remaining Proposal: Get on the ship currently 100 yards from me
Currenly: Sitting in a waiting area, due to customs needing to clear the ship

The ship is large, albeit not quite as large as the last ship i was on (P&O's Star Princess). Waiting area is decently furnished, with odd (blue and green) colored couches. The teen activity sheet shows nothing until 10PM, but the disco starting at midnight should be fun (if I haven't passed out due to not getting to bed until 245A last night).

January 5, 2003
Proposed: 1100A AE3218 SAN-LAX, 1230P AE3251 LAX-SBA
Currently: Seat 5B ascending 1055A AE3218 SAN-LAX

I hate Saab's. They're so loud. Remind me to get the Brazalia flight next time. At least it was an early departure (30 min connection in LAX) and only a 29 min flight.

Remaining proposal: None
Currently: Seat 5B ascending 1225P AE3251 LAX-SBA

Did I mention how much I hate Saab's? Anyway, we got to LAX a bit early and checked in only to find out that they were too heavy (but not overbooked). So we got 2 of 4 boarding passes and the nice ticket agent told us we would probably get on. Then she starts making announcements that the flight is overbooked, offers $250, etc. They start boarding, one person has a boarding pass with seat assignment, but is a no-show, so I get a boarding pass. Finally, a few minutes later my dad gets one and we head to the gate. About 4 empty seats on the plane, and there were about 4 people waiting on standby. Tough **** for them. Its soooooooo loud, and of course I packed my 7506's, since i knew it was only 2 quick flights. Never again, Saab, never again.

*All times are departure times (ie: when we actually left the runway), and Local

mduell 01-07-2003 10:58 PM

Poll fixed...

dbaker 01-08-2003 08:52 AM

Great trip report, phule. I hope that you enjoyed your vacation.

mduell 01-08-2003 04:31 PM

Phule?!?! Phule?!?! I'm going to phlame you!!

dbaker 01-08-2003 07:11 PM

Eeep, sorry. :oops:

You have several common letters in your nicks on the forum. :)

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