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gonova 03-29-2006 12:02 PM

check it out!
I was on vacation with my girlfriend in Orlando when we ran into this other couple at the hotel pool where we were staying. We started talking about different vacations we have been on. It was very interesting to here about the different places they have been. I was very curious to find out how they could afford all these great vacations. I though they were rich but come to find out they use this travel savings card from Travel Agents Go Direct which allows them to save substantial amount of money on hotels and airline accommodations. So I asked how much they had saved on their hotel (the one we were all staying at) and they had got a room nicer than ours for $50 dollars cheaper a night than what we paid. They even saved a total of 120 dollars on their airline tickets, so they saved a total of 370 dollars on their vacation. That is incredible. So we got the information of Travel Agents Go Direct and purchased the travel savings card. Now we already have three vacations planed for this year, thatís two more than we usually take and I am so thankful for running into that nice couple and them sharing their benefits with us. Travel Agents Go Direct is like a buried treasure waiting to be found, if you like saving money I would definitely check it out. :D

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