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charles 12-21-2009 03:11 AM

How to choose the perfect travel book ??
Hello to all

* Glance at all titles. Something might pop-out at you
* Realize some publishers cater to individual travelers (Lonely Planet) and budget travel (Rough Guides)
* Choose a few and look inside… color photos vs. pencil drawings (DK Eyewitness vs. Rick Steves) What’s your preference?
* Think about the size of the book.
*Think about the format. Do you understand the layout? Does it make you think too hard?

* Worry about the price. Travel guides are a great investment.
* Be afraid to spend hours in the store or on-line browsing.
* Buy out-of-date books. If it was published in 2005, chances are the restaurant and store information is not valid.
* Lose focus. If you won’t be driving, stick to walking guides i.e. Frommer’s Top Ten.
* Buy a book only for the “fold-out map.” Travel centers, hotels, airports, tourists centers have free ones or print one out on-line.

Have a nice day

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