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indian123 08-17-2014 10:14 PM

Themselves before consulting travel
Before each trip, you need to consider a lot of work, financial issues are always a top issue. Here are 5 questions you should ask ourselves before traveling.

1. I want to spend much money for this trip?
Before starting to make the trip, you should prepare a travel fund and a clear decision that I wanted to use the money on it, but it is also of course have to be reasonable with your journey, not generous too, and not too tight. This will make you avoid ending trips in debt.

2 . How to spend less money as possible, but still fun?
There are many ways you can reduce costs while traveling. You can rent motorcycles to visit the hotel instead of always catch a taxi, or stay at home a piece of sea room to save money rather than stay in the place looked straight out to sea. The cost of food and accommodation and travel will be significantly reduced if you weigh and prepare to fulfill before.

3. Whenever that is not the main tourist season?
The higher cost quite a bit if you travel during the peak season, ticket prices at some attractions, transportation and higher every day. In addition, traveling in the peak season also face the risk of jostling in a crowd endless, extremely tired.

4. Should I put a non-refundable hotel room?
Pay in advance for a hotel room is the best way to save money. Unfortunately, these rooms are usually no refunds if you want to move or cancel the scheduled date. However, it does not mean you should not prepaid reservation, but just be sure to be on time.

5. How you can save money on food?
Eating and drinking is not possible funding sources are not taken into consideration when traveling. You should think of the popular shop, or finding the nearest market to still be able to enjoy the local cuisine just save money, or buy food available inside storage freezer when you stay at hotels that.

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