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Extreme Road Trips - Tell me about yours!

Hi, I am working at Extreme Sports Channel and I am super keen for you guys to tell me about your maddest and baddest road trips for a new season of summer programming to celebrate the wonder that is a Road Trip. Have you been bitten by a vampire in Transylvania, run over by a big block of cheese in Amsterdam or just had a crazy few weeks of madness and mayhem with a group of friends. Did you earn the reputation for creating havoc and carnage every which way you turned on your Road Trip? If so, I want to hear about it. Send your best and worst stories to:

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Re: Extreme Road Trips

Hi there Fatback,

One of my favourite road trips ever was out in India a few years back. A friend and I decided to take a short-cut from Shimla to Rishikesh, over the mountains via a town called Chakrata. I will always remember the sights on the way, huge mountains rearing up into the mist, the bus driver lighting a fire under the diesel tank - to get the bus moving after a tea break, etc..

Where it got really interesting was when we were about halfway through the journey, after about 10 hours or so. We suddenly noticed that most of the other vehicles on the road were military. Sure enough, we had unknowingly entered a Military Restricted Area without permission, a fact which was brought home to me after being prodded off the bus at gunpoint by a jumpy soldier. After a short interview we were fortunately handed over to the civil police.

Three days in jail followed, but we had a fairly easy time of it, as i had ingratiated myself with some of the other 'residents' as soon as we arrived. One of them was a poisoner we had read about in the paper only three days before. He was alright though - he shared a mango with us!

A week later we discoved we had caught baccillary dysentry from the jail's water, but i wouldn't have changed that trip for the world!

Cheers - woppet
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