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Hello from Costa Rica

A Costa Rica Vacation Home
by Jamie Rican

When people contemplate retirement it is not unusual for them to think in terms of a second home or perhaps the chance of going and settling down in some other country that offers a better lifestyle that is more affordable. If you have any such desires, even if you are not thinking about retiring, then you should consider investing in a Costa Rica vacation home. Costa Rica is a wonderful and beautiful anomaly located in Central America. It is beautiful, versatile, holds an amazing variety of plant and animal life, and is a tourist paradise. The lifestyle choices are great and you get to enjoy some really good stuff at very economic prices.

Let us get back to that retirement thing. You work hard all your life and at the end what you want more than anything else is a good, peaceful place to live in without compromising on your life style or going bankrupt when you are about to give up your income. Consider that investing in a Costa Rica vacation home means investing in property that is almost 70% cheaper than what you would get in the United States (and without the weather and beauty). What is more, having your own Costa Rica vacation home means you are within easy reach of the United States anytime you have to travel between the two countries.

Here is a brief list of advantages to buying a Costa Rica vacation home.
Property cost and living expenses are much lower so whatever you have saved goes much farther in Costa Rica than in the United States.
Costa Rica has the entire infrastructure like communications, shopping, and entertainment that you are used to in the United States.
You get to live in a place of natural beauty with hills, beaches, and mountains.
When you buy Costa Rica vacation home, you enjoy the same rights as Costa Rica citizens. Buying property is easy.

The crime rate is very low and the lifestyle is very relaxed though you can choose excitement anytime you want it.
Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems in the world and everything is a lot cheaper than it is in the United States.
You get to enjoy great weather all the year round.
If you are not planning to retire anytime soon then you should consider a Costa Rica vacation home a good investment. It will give you all the advantages of having a second home while being a source of income as you rent it out to tourists who wish to rent a Costa Rica vacation home. Costa Rica is very popular among tourists and the green season over there means that everyone interested had better get their bookings done in advance to avoid disappointment later on.
Another good reason to buy a Costa Rica vacation home is that the real estate market there is hot and getting hotter every year. While the price of real estate is far cheaper when compared to the United States, the value of real estate is currently growing at the rate of 30% per year. There are many locations where prices have tripled in just a few years. To put the icing on all this, the government does not levy any taxes for several years after the purchase. There is no better deal than this.

Knowing Costa Rica
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