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American Airlines jet quarantened in San Jose

San Jose - -- An American Airlines flight from Tokyo has been quarantened in San Jose after four people complained of symptoms like those reported from the mysterious new illness known as SARS.

Flight 128 had stopped in Hong Kong before heading for San Jose.

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False SARS alarm aboard U.S.-bound jet

False SARS alarm aboard U.S.-bound jet

Fears that the fast-moving respiratory ailment known as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, had broken out aboard an American Airlines flight from Tokyo were found to have been a false alarm Tuesday, but not before the aircraft and its passengers were detained for more than two hours in a safe corner of the San Jose airport.

Health workers in protective suits removed three people from Flight 128, which was kept a healthy distance from the terminal after five passengers and crew complained of symptoms similar to the mysterious disease.

Two of the passengers were found not to have SARS symptoms after being examined aboard the plane. The other three were checked out at a nearby hospital and cleared.

"They do not fit the criteria for SARS," said Dr. Karen Smith, assistant health officer for Santa Clara County. "Nobody on that plane had suspect SARS."
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