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Boeing tries to defy gravity

Boeing tries to defy gravity

Researchers at the world's largest aircraft maker, Boeing, are using the work of a controversial Russian scientist to try to create a device that will defy gravity.

The company is examining an experiment by Yevgeny Podkletnov, who claims to have developed a device which can shield objects from the Earth's pull.

Dr Podkletnov is viewed with suspicion by many conventional scientists. They have not been able to reproduce his results.

The project is being run by the top-secret Phantom Works in Seattle, the part of the company which handles Boeing's most sensitive programmes.

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The British Broadcasting Corp. reported yesterday that Boeing Phantom Works in Seattle is looking into controversial research by a Russian scientist to reduce the force of gravity.

Yevgeny Podkletnov claims to have developed an anti-gravity device in 1992 which can reduce the force of earth's pull 2 percent. Podkletnov is viewed with suspicion by many scientists, the BBC noted, but Boeing's reported involvement in the project has lent his work a new credibility.

The only trouble is, Boeing denies it's spending any money on the research.

``Phantom Works is always monitoring potentially breakthrough ideas and technologies,''
said a statement issued yesterday by unit spokesman Erik Simonsen in southern California.
``We ... would be interested in seeing further development work. However, Boeing is not funding any activities in this area at this time.''

Simonsen said the BBC's report was based on misinterpretation: For example, the BBC said Boeing is researching the phenomenon in a program code-named Project Grasp.

``GRASP is not a code-name for a current project, but rather an acronym for a presentation entitled `Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion,''' Simonsen said, in which a Boeing engineer explains the theory ``and proposes that we should continue to monitor this work. No steps have been taken beyond this point by Boeing.''

The United Kingdom's high-tech group BAe Systems is working on an anti-gravity program, dubbed Project Greenglow. NASA also is attempting to reproduce Podkletnov's findings, but a preliminary report indicates the effect does not exist.

The gravity-shield device is a superconducting ceramic disc rotating over powerful electromagnets. So don't look for it to reduce the takeoff weight of a 747 anytime soon.
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