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Concorde future 'under review'

Concorde future 'under review'

Concorde could be taken out of service following a drop in demand, British Airways has announced.

The carrier said its premium service between London and New York was being reviewed but insisted such a process was "ongoing".

Concorde has been blighted by a rash of problems including the Paris crash in July 2000 in which 113 people were killed.

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Concorde loses part of rudder

Yet another rudder incident today.

Concorde loses part of rudder

NEW YORK (CNN) -- An Air France Concorde lost a piece of a rudder during a flight from Paris to New York on Thursday but landed safely and on schedule.

It was the sixth time since 1989 that a Concorde has experienced a rudder breakup, said British Airways, the only other airline flying the supersonic jet.
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