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Credit Checks Sought On Suspicious Air Travelers

Credit Checks Sought On Suspicious Air Travelers

Uncle Sam may soon want to check passengers"credit histories before they board airplanes, the WALL STREET JOURNAL reported on Friday. The Transportation Security Administration is enlisting companies that analyze personal credit-card and insurance records.


"The aim is to target suspicious travelers when they make a reservation so that by the time they show up at the airport, authorities will be on alert."

The US "is asking a handful of firms that provide fraud- detection technology for credit-card companies or insurers, such as HNC Software Inc. and Infoglide Software Corp., to demonstrate how the government could run airline passengers' names against various databases to identify potential terrorists. The government hasn't disclosed what databases it plans to tap, but efforts to expand what authorities know about air travelers are taking wing.

"The project, run out of the TSA, is seeking help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law-enforcement agencies that keep lists of people wanted by the government. The TSA is asking Congress for $45 million to fund the project."


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Now, it'll be embarrassing when an airline agent calls your name to the gate for a search.
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