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Did you like the Pope?


The Pope died last saturday evening. I was having a dinner with some friends, I'm spanish. And when the last one of us arrived into the restaurant, he told us that the Pope had died. The first thing I thought was: "Poor man". But then I was happy for him because he suffered a lot.
Did you like him? What do you think about him?
I am not religious, I don't believe in all that, but I respect the people that trust in God and in the Pope. I'm very surprised of all the people who are in Rome right now still praying for his soule. I'm a little bit shocked. He was a man that really managed to get the heart of thousands and thousands of people. And I think that's admirable, although I don't believe in God.
My grandmother has a neighbour that spent all saturday night crying.
What do you think of all that?

Regards from Spain!


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