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FAA sees software reducing air delays

FAA sees software reducing air delays
$200 million application is to offer more direct routes

LEESBURG, Virginia (AP) -- Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials are counting on new technology to help reduce airline delays this summer.
The new system is known as the User Request Evaluation Tool. The $200 million software is designed to let pilots fly more direct routes or at higher altitudes, reducing congestion or shortening flights.

When a pilot asks to adjust the route, the computer tells the controller whether the new path is safe or will conflict with the paths of other planes. The new program also allows controllers to keep planes at less-crowded higher altitudes longer, knowing the pilot will have plenty of time to descend because the computer shows that the path will be clear.

Five of 20 air traffic control centers have the program, including Washington; Memphis, Tennessee; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago; and Cleveland, Ohio.

Atlanta is scheduled to get it soon.
Nice pricetag. What about JFK/LGA/EWR, IAH, LAX, and SFO?
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