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Great News: Gov't Seeks to Ease Airport Hassles

Gov't Seeks to Ease Airport Hassles

WASHINGTON Airline passengers soon may be able to board a plane without being asked whether they have kept a close watch on their bags. And starting right away, they can take drinks through security checkpoints.

Yay for the drinks and a sign that security is becoming more realistic.

The two questions are an interesting case. That started in the 80s when a man put a bomb in his fiancee's bag at LHR. She was unaware that he had put anything in there because he installed a false bottom to the bag with a calculator-looking device to control the bomb and the explosives. Officials were suspicious of the bag in the first place because of the electronics and then became very suspicious when they emptied the bag and noticed the significant weight.

Accordingly, I think it's a good idea to ask the question. However, it still wouldn't have caught this woman's bags before she went through security because the questions are ". . .has anyone unknown to you. . ." and ". . . out of your control. . ." which wouldn't necessairly be the case if her fiance had the bag at one point.
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