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INS inspector: Database of terrorists often crashes

INS inspector: Database of terrorists often crashes

WASHINGTON The computer database immigration inspectors use to check for suspected terrorists and criminals at international airports often crashes, yet inspectors continue to process passengers arriving from abroad, a veteran U.S. inspector at Los Angeles International Airport told WorldNetDaily.
"The computers freeze up and stop processing on a regular basis," said Terry Hamilton, an INS inspector and special operations officer at LAX, the nation's third-busiest airport.

"We have anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute to decide if a foreign national should enter the U.S.," he added in an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview. "When the computers freeze up, many inspectors will continue to process passengers without putting them into the TECS system while the computer is rebooting."

Those same inspectors will go back between flights and enter passenger names into the lookout system, he says.

"But if a TECS hit comes up, it's too late the passenger is already processed and gone," said Hamilton, a 14-year INS veteran.
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