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Man Arrested After Stealing German Plane

Man Arrested After Stealing German Plane

Police arrested a man who stole a small plane Sunday and threatened to crash it into the European Central Bank in Frankfurt before landing safely at the city's international airport, authorities said.

Military jets had been scrambled after the single-engine plane began circling slowly over the center of the city, its red and white lights blinking in the darkness several hundred meters above the skyscrapers in Germany's financial capital.

Earlier, in a call from his plane to news channel n-tv, the man had said he didn't want to harm anyone, but intended to commit suicide once his fuel ran out. But after just over two hours in the air, he put the plane down at the airport.

N-tv said the man had said he wanted to draw attention to the death of an astronaut killed aboard the doomed space shuttle Challenger in 1986.
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