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The truth about your laptop computer and landing safely

The truth about your laptop computer and landing safely

Next time you're on a flight and the plane suddenly begins to climb or pitch to the left, don't panic. It's probably just the kid next to you conquering level 16 on his computer game.

Pilots have become accustomed to unexpected problems caused by passengers using mobile phones or other portable electronic devices.

Over the past decade there have been more than 100 incidents in Australia of navigation system failures, autopilot malfunctions, interference with radio transmissions, incorrect readings from flight management computers and false alerts from engine warning systems - all due to portable devices.
It all sounds just...well not real to me

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This is a good one.

Doesn't anybody believe in Gremlins anymore?

Where I live, they blame power and water problems on "brown tree snakes." No, not green, black or any other color . . . just brown. (It's been said they carry dead snakes in the service vehicles so they'll have one on hand.)

There's a commercial instrument pilot and professional electronics design engineer holding the the highest amateur radio plus all FCC commercial licensing, including radar endorsement, and formerly Head of Engineering for the Federal Government who ventured the opinion they should stop blaming the computer kid and shape up in the aircraft maintenance department before somebody gets hurt.

And level 16 sounds pretty good. Maybe they should hire him.
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