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This Airbag Keeps Clots at Bay

This Airbag Keeps Clots at Bay

A retired British Airlines pilot has invented a device that could save the lives of long-haul airline passengers as well as computer users who can't tear themselves from their screens.

Once mainly a concern for frequent fliers crammed into economy-class seats, deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots, have recently struck computer users as well. Experts call the version that afflicts computer users e-thrombosis.

Paul Richards, a pilot for 33 years who saw one of his passengers nearly die from a blood clot, came up with an elegant solution. It comes in the form of a plastic blow-up device called the Airogym.

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Emirates is furnishing them for free and there are a huge number of places promoting (and selling) the Airogym but I have not found evidence of any study which showed that this is more effective than simply moving your feet and legs.

On the other hand, a study led by John Scurr, consultant vascular surgeon at London's Middlesex and University College Hospitals indicated that the development of small blood clots in long-distance travel is common but generally harmless in the short-term. Whether these small clots were likely to develop into larger, dangerous clots needs further research, although there was strong evidence that wearing compression stockings lessened the likelihood of clots developing at all.

Flight socks were recently tested in a study involving 600 passengers flying from London to New York and Phoenix. The study focused on people at low-medium risk of getting DVT. Half wore flight socks, half didn't. Of those not wearing socks, 4 per cent suffered some form of thrombosis on the flight to Phoenix and 3 per cent on the flight to New York. None of those wearing flight socks had a problem.

The study was led by Professor Gianni Belcaro of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at G. D'Annunzio University in Italy as a direct result of growing concern about travel related DVT.

So how do flight socks work? They provide a compression of 14-17mmHg at the ankle, thus improving circulation. Usually, blood returning to the heart from the legs is helped upwards by the leg muscles which act as a pump when on the move. But in cramped conditions the blood can gather in the veins and, in extreme cases, a blood clot can develop. This can break free, interrupt the blood flow and cause death.

Other measures you can take to avoid getting DVT on flights longer than four hours include moving legs and ankles as much as possible, taking a walk down the aisle every so often and drinking lots of water. Many people take an aspirin before a long flight.

On the other hand, the Airogym is inexpensive and would certainly be of value if it gets you to move your legs.

Pretty long post, huh?

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I think we should all just suit up like fighter pilots. :)
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Well it is nice to see our product being discussed on this site. Thank you. I am Amanda, the director of Airogym Ltd, we market and sell the Airogym at and it is now available at many stores, including Boots in the UK. Clinical trials were carried out to compare the Airogym against not moving your feet. At this stage no tests have been carried out against just wiggling your feet, however if you try the airogym you will really feel the muscles working, actively, against the resistance provided by the device, rather than just wiggling your feet. I have provided a quote here for your information, from a leading aviation medic, Dr Ian Perry: 'As an industry body, we openly embrace any developments which address the issues of on-flight exercise and DVT,' comments, Dr. Perry, he continues, 'Simplicity and ease are the key with the Airogym, There are four different exercises that you can do with it, all of which can be done from a comfortable seated position.

It is physically more beneficial to use the Airogym than simply wiggling your feet as you have the resistance of the inflated chambers to work against and exercise your muscles, stimulating an increase in blood flow. "

For further information and to purchase please visit

Many thanks
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