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Tragedy at the Occidental Grand Xcaret

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006 marked the third year of the tragic and senseless death of 8-year old Brent Midlock. Brent was killed by the negligence and incompetence of the operators of the Occidental Grand Xcaret located in the Riviera Maya, in the Cancun region. To date, the hotel continues to operate without remorse or sanctions for stealing Brentís life. The profound daily sadness that has been forced upon Brent's family, friends and community cannot be verbalized. May all involved in the attempted cover-up of this atrocity and those who refuse to assist in the execution of justice for an innocent child live with the guilt of betraying a life.

Sadly, the Mexican Government and Justice System of Quintana Roo has decided to support such an atrocity by not pursing any convictions or punishment of the operators of the Occidental Grand Xcaret. No matter how any law of any nation is interpreted, the fundamental nature of stealing the life of a happy, healthy child is wrong. The fact that Governments turn away from acknowledging such crimes and reject justice is reprehensible.

The actions of those who have done nothing over time are cowardly. The Mexican Tourism Industry is clearly aware of the alarming number of deaths of tourists in the Riviera Maya and continues to dilute the seriousness of these life altering situations by allowing resorts to continue operating as if the life catastrophe they cause to so many is inconsequential. Any resort that steals the life of a tourist should be admonished in a manner that is appropriate to the crime.

Mexico continues to ignore their own State and Federal Tourism Law. To date, the Occidental Grand Xcaret continues operating with inexcusable arrogance and no remorse for destroying so many lives.
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