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Old 01-26-2003, 05:10 AM   #1
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US spy plane crashes near Seoul

US spy plane crashes near Seoul

South Korean defence officials say a United States U2 reconnaissance aircraft has crashed south of the capital, Seoul.

The pilot ejected by parachute before the crash. It is not known if any other crew were on board.

Three people on the ground were lightly injured when the plane exploded as it hit a residential area in Hwasong City in Kyonggi Province damaging a house and car repair shop.
"Not known if any other crew were on board" <-- Isn't the U2 a 1 seater?

The U2 has a accident rate of 6.78 from 63 to 96, slightly higher than AirTran's rate of 5.88, but the hours from 63 to 71 are still classified, so it's crash rate is most likely lower than AirTrans.

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I'm still not quite sure how they get the figures for the "crash rates".
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