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Algeria travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery

I want to share with the community some tourist information and experience of my recent trip in Algeria

A fascinating trip of mainly landscape / naturalistic , archaeological and cultural interest . The itinerary of about 1500 km has been covered in about 8 days with the use of off-road vehicles + 4 internal flights ; from the verdant North with the magnificent Roman archaeological sites with the elegant capital of Algiers and the curious city of Constantine , then directly in the deep South East in the great Sahara desert with wonderful and varied landscapes from breathtaking beauty

To see the photo gallery of my trip click on the link below

Algiers is a beautiful city which positively surprises , is called " the white " due to the predominance of the white color of the buildings . It is a very elegant and fascinating city , beautiful the buildings of the colonial era . From the basilica of Notre Dame de l'Afrique you can have an overview of the city which is positioned on different hills that almost arrive on the waterfront . Among the most significant buildings there are : the Ketchaoua mosque , the Dar Aziza building , the central post office building , the palais des Rais , the casbah palace , Jamaa El Jedid , the memorial of the Martyrs , Jamaa El Kebir , the museum of modern art , the museum of islamic art and antiquities

Tassili n'Ajjer is a wonderful mountain range of the Sahara desert located near the border with Libya , the landscape is characterized by sand ( sometimes with high dunes ) and rock formations that literally leave breathless for its incredible beauty and variety !

Erg Admer is a beautiful desert of high sand dunes located on a plateau and characterized by breathtaking views

Djanet is located in the South East of the Country , it is called " the pearl of the Tassili " and it's a small and colorful city completely surrounded by the desert ; it is the ideal point to visit the beautiful surrounding desert

Constantine was called in antiquity Cirta Regia ; the city's kasbah is built on a rocky spur with an overhang of 175 meters on the gorges of the Rhumel river , this feature guarantees numerous viewpoints in different areas of the city . Among the most interesting monuments there are : the palace of Hajj Ahmed , the monument to the dead , the great Emir Abdelkader mosque , the Souq El Ghezal mosque

Madghacen ( also called Medghassen or Madghis ) it is a beautiful Numidian mausoleum considered the oldest in North Africa

Djémila is a fascinating archaeological site of the ancient city of Cuicul . It is an extensive and well-preserved site . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the arch of Caracalla , the temple of the Gens Septimia , the baptistery of the Christian complex , the Roman theater , the macellum , the old Roman Forum with the remains of the capitolium

Tipaza is a lively coastal city famous for bathing activities and above all for a beautiful archaeological site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea . Nearby not to be missed the tomb of the Christian , great royal mausoleum of Mauretania

Lambaesis is an archaeological site where it is possible to admire the ancient Roman legionary fortress of Africa . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the praetorium and the triumphal arch

Cherchell is a coastal city with a picturesque harbor , in antiquity it was called Cesarea or Caesaria or Caesarea . In the main square there is an important archaeological museum

Tiddis is a beautiful archaeological site located on the slopes of a hill and surrounded in a beautiful surrounding landscape

Timgad is an interesting archaeological site well preserved and extended . Among the best preserved buildings there are : the arch of Trajan , the library , the theater , the baths

Ouled Zouaï is a beautiful salt lake

Under my daily itinerary of the places I have visited ( may be useful to better plan a trip )

Day 1 : arrival in Algiers and transfer by internal flight to Constantine

Day 2 ( 60 km ) : visit to the archaeological site of Tiddis and the city of Constantine

Day 3 ( 450 km ) : visit of the archaeological sites of Madghacen , Lambaesis , Timgad , stop at the salt lake of Ouled Zouaï , return to Constantine

Day 4 ( 435 km ) : visit of the archaeological site of Djémila , transfer to Algiers

Day 5 ( 250 km ) : visit of Cherchell and of the archaeological site of Tipaza , return to Algiers

Day 6 ( 30 km ) : visit of Algiers , transfer with internal flight to Djanet

Day 7 ( 100 km ) : visit of Djanet and excursion in the Tassili n'Ajjer desert , return to Djanet

Day 8 ( 120 km ) : excursion in the Tassili n'Ajjer desert , return to Djanet

Day 9 ( 80 km ) : excursion in the deserts of Erg Admer and Tassili n'Ajjer , transfer with internal flight to Tamanrasset

Day 10 : transfer with internal flight to Algiers to return home

P.s. to know the location where the photographs were taken , enlarge them individually clicking on it and read under the picture
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