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Old 04-24-2002, 10:35 PM   #1
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AUS-ORD-AUS Apr 20-22

Thought I'd take aadvantage of a cheap AA fare to go see a Cubs game last weekend.

AA 1592 and AA 1125
The AUS-ORD and return flights were (wonderfully) uneventful. Standard S80 equipment, on-time, no delays.

The Palmer House
This was my first stay at the Palmer House, and I came in with high expectations. The HHonors check-in desk was unmanned with five people ahead of me at the regular registration line. Fortunately the staff was efficient and I was up to bat in no time. I was automatically upgraded to a Towers room on the 23rd floor. The Executive Lounge on this level was cozy, with a good-sized breakfast, hot hors d'oeuvres in the evening, and a generous bartender. I had limited need for any of the hotel staff, but did have a few short conversations here and there, and they were top notch.

The room itself was very spacious and well-appointed. It was larger than the rooms I've had at The Drake, but not quite as finely decorated. After a couple of painstakingly slow trips on the main elevators, I discovered... the Express Elevators! There are two key-access elevators serving only the executive levels, and are great for the impatient.

The hotel is on Monroe between State and Wabash right by the theatre district. There's a Red Line station right outside, very convenient for a quick ride up to Wrigley Field.

Lesson One
Here's a hint: after upgrading your laptop's operating system at the office, make sure you actually test your modem before traveling again. Ha! My recent NT4-to-Win2000 upgrade left my ThinkPad telephonically impotent. Ugg. The room did have the TV-based internet access, but I've already been disappointed by that in the past. Instead, I scribbled out a couple of emails on my i705 and re-thought my earlier hesitation to buy the mini-keyboard accessory.

Lesson Two
In Chicago, just because it's 80 degrees on Wednesday when you book your travel, doesn't mean that a 43-degree high on Sunday is out of the question. Wow, that was cold. Most other trips I wouldn't complain so much, but this was a trip to see a ballgame for heaven's sake!


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You were on AA1592 departing AUS at 11:38a last Friday?
I was on CO1440 departing AUS at 11:20.

I even arrived early with two other ITYTers (BovineOne and tycoonjack) to have breakfast at the Presidents Club that is right across from the AA gates! You should have joined us. Small world.

Nugget and I need to work on an ITYT tool to e-mail ITYTers when our travel plans intersect.

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. I can most certainly relate to your computer woes; I've been in a similar situation a handful of times and it's quite frustrating.

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