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Be careful in CARACAS. Luggage stolen!!!!

I couldn't end my trip report (SCL/PTY/CCS/POS), because my work here, and soem time I lost for what happened to my at CCS airport.

Well, as I said, I was doing a long trip, with several connections.
So at the last minute, I decided to check my carry-on luggage. As there I had my camcorder, I locked it, and sealed it with that plastic stuff.

Before boarding the plane for CCS/POS, I was said that there was something wrong with one of my bags.
I was headed to the luggage storage area (they had already taken most of it to the plane). They some guy with a soldier garment, instructed me to break the seal, to let him ""to inspect" the lagugge. He, (all) could see the camera, and other personal belongings. Of course, he found nothing, but now I only was able to lock it. I wasn't allowed to take the bag again to be sealed, since those facilities are OUTSIDE, and that meant to go through immigrations, and pay the US$ 36 taxes. I wasn't allowed to take it with me either.
I arrived POS, and didn't see any unusual with it. I went trough customs, having declared that I had a camcorder. (You need to declare your electronic stuff, saying you will take it with you when you're leaving). I wasn't inspected, and went to the lobby, waiting for a work-mate who was arriving one hour later.
When finally arrived at the hotel, (that was about 1:00 am on Monday, having left home at 7:30 pm on saturday) I opened the bags, and I noticed that my camcorder was missing.
Yes, I know that I am suposed not to check valuables, but, being sealed I tought I would have no trouble.
I've been flying for a while, and never had had something like that, and a lot of times my lugagge hadn't even a lock!!

As long as I'm stilly crying and kicking to myself..., any suggestions about what I could do? I guess that my insurance will not cover this. But I don't like the idea of leaving it without saying anything.

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Old 09-02-2007, 08:29 AM   #2
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Be careful in CARACAS. Luggage stolen!!!!

Hello friend,

You are right, last year me and my wife back from holidays and we lost a bag i lost or stolen i dont know , wht happens there ..!!

Chania Crete

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Old 09-28-2007, 11:29 AM   #3
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We were there for the day on a cruise ship tour. My parents to the city tour and lunch because they thought our trip would be to adventourous. Ends up they got mugged my dad and someone on the tour helped and jumped the guy and another got there bag and camera back.

We went on what was the adventure tour and had a great day went by tour of about 15 jeeps to an isolated beach then back to the rainforest and swam in waterfalls and stop in a small village for a lunch. This jeep was was prety long and on dirt roads so everyone kept shooting to be the first jeep less dirt in eyes. We must have stop in every town and restock with Cerveza it got to be funny. The beach we went to can't remember but the rock formations came right out of the ocean and you could walk all around them as the water came in. Really beautiful color blue water.
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