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CO/SEA-EWR-FLL.......Or so I thought.

Continental 1080 SEA-EWR
Depart: 10:00 am
Arrive: 6:10 pm
Seat: 3E
Meal: Lunch
Aircraft: 738

I awoke at 6:45 am for this 10 am departure. I wanted to get a few things done before I left. After checking the flight status and doing some last minute errands, we left at 7:45 am. This allowed extra time for my sister to get some gas in her car, so we could make it to the airport. The drive on I-5 was uneventful, and we were inside the terminal at 8:30 am.

I had checked in the night before on, but for some reason the computer had not placed me on the stand-by for firstclass from EWR-FLL. I approached the ticket counter and the agent happily placed me on the stand-by and told me to ask in EWR. Checked the flight status on the monitor, and it was leaving on-time.

At 9 am I said good-bye and went through security. I got to the gate by 9:10, and waited for boarding to begin at 9:25.

The boarding announcement was made, and I headed over. I boarded the plane and found my seat, 3E. This 738 had 5 rows with a 2x2 configuration. The FA came by and offered a pre-departure drink and I chose a cranberry juice. As I was sitting in my seat, and other passengers were boarding, the plane started to shake as if we were pushing back, but we weren't moving. It happened a second time. I started to think something was wrong. Just then the airplane was shut-down, and restarted again. Now I knew something was up. It was now 9:50 and everyone was in there seat.

"Uh folks, were having an indicator problem here, and it looks like were going to be delayed." Great, I knew this wouldn't be good with my 55 minute connection in EWR. Another update, this time saying that we will be delayed an hour. I approached the flight attendant and informed her of my situation. She told me that the gate agent was working on it, and that he would have an update in just a few minutes for us.

The captain came on again saying that the part we needed was found over at Alaska airlines, and that as soon as they get it, it's only a 15 minute installation process. During the delay, menus were handed out with choices.

The Menu (I didn't have chance to save it so it's just memory, and I'm not 100% sure about the sides)

Warm nuts served with your preferred cocktail or beverage

Smoked salmon with creamcheese and horse radish sauce

Warm assorted breads, including pretzel sticks.

Sterling Silver steak served with potatoes and veggies
Surf and Turf
Jumbo Shrimp served with a cut of sterling silver steak, potatoes and vegetables
Breast of Chicken
A breast of chicken enhanced by a curry sauce, served with rice and chutney.
Pasta Bowl
Vegetable Lasagna offered with Parmesan cheese

Vanilla Ice Cream sundaes served with your choice of toppings

I debated whether to get the surf and turf, or curry chicken. At 10:30, the captain told us that the part was installed, but the problem wasn't fixed. The FA then came on and told all connecting passengers to de-plane. I collected my stuff and walked up the jetbridge back out into the terminal. Since I was in F/C, I was one of the first off, and was helped right away by an agent. After all the passengers had de-planed, there were at least 20 people behind me.

I wasn't sure what flight to be rerouted on, so at first I told her to put me on the 10:10 pm thru EWR. She was just about to confirm it, when I asked her if she could get me on the non-stop AS MIA flight. And after a few phone calls, some typing, and printing she got me an AS ticket, and told me to go over to the AS counter to check-in. The new flight is AS 16, departs at 1:20 pm, and arrives MIA at 9:50 pm. "Can I get first class on that flight too," I asked.
"No, because it was a complimentary upgrade."

That was kind of upsetting, especially since it's a 5 and a half hour flight. I then remembered that I had some AS upgrade coupons that NW gave me, since I'm gold. Only problem was, I didn't have them on me. I called my mom, who said she would try to get them to me, and to call her back in a half an hour. I headed over to the AS counters, where I found a pretty large line. I waited and it moved fairly quickly.

I was helped by a nice agent, who gave me an aisle seat. I used the phone again, and I made up with my mom to meet in front of the CO ticket counter with the upgrade certs. It was now 11:30, and I grabbed a quick bite at fresh express. At 12:15, my mom came by with the certs. I thanked her, and went over again to the AS counter to ask about the upgrade. "It's full."

Oh well I tried my best. I started the walk over to security, and was told to go in a "special security line". No wonder my boarding pass had all those S's on it. They searched my bag, made me spread my arms (or as I call it, do the Jesus), and sent my shoes thru the x-ray machine. After security, which took about 10 minutes, I walked to gate D8. I asked again once more at the gate if F/C was full, and the agent told me that it was. I waited for boarding to begin, and at 12:55 my row was called.

Alaska Airlines 16 SEA-MIA
Departs: 1:20 pm
Arrives: 9:50 pm
Seat: 17C
Aircraft: 737-700
Meal: Lunch

My seat, 17C, was pretty far back, the last row was 23. Boarding was quick, and we pushed back early with a very light load. The captain then came out of the cockpit, took a P.A. microphone and gave a welcome message. He told us about the 73G, and how it is like a "sport utility vehicle" for AS. He then finished his whole speech off by saying, "lets go flying." It was very strange, and I had never seen anything like that before. I also noticed that there were no movie screens, or holes for headphones. I knew it was going to be a VERY long flight. A quick taxi, and we were in the air in no time.

After departure, lunch was started. The FA made an announcement that the choices were either, Mongolian beef, or a halibut with Asian sauce. So much for surf and turf. I chose the beef, and it was presented on a tray all at once. The beef was in a container with noodles, and vegetables. There was also a salad with peppercorn dressing, and a slice of carrot cake. My beverage was a coke, and I was served the WHOLE can. The meal could have been slightly larger, but was acceptable. The food was ok, I would give it an 7 out of 10.

The staff was phenomenal, very friendly and all requests were met with smiles. A 10 out of 10 on the crew.

The seat was fairly comfortable, and I slept for about an hour. The legroom wasn't bad either. I think it was the most legroom I've ever seen in coach.

I saw first class getting DVD players, and I was so jealous. I played gameboy most of the way, and read the in-flight magazine. An hour from landing the crew gave out nuts and drinks. Again, I was served the whole can of coke. We began our descent, and made a few turns around some T-storms.

After going through some rough air, we landed early at 9:40 pm. Earlier then my original arrival time with CO, at 10:05 pm. Were were at the gate right on-time and my stressful day had ended.

I was upset about my delay with CO, and I really looked forward to sitting in first class on that trans con, but I guess there wasn't much I could have done. I was accommodated very nicely, and I had a good flight with AS. Now I'll I hope is that my Worldperks account gets the proper mileage credit.
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