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COdeshare partner FLL-IAH-ORD

A cousin of mine was getting married in ORD, so we were going out there for the wedding.

July 11th

Continental Airlines 149 FLL-IAH
Depart/actual: 3:10 pm/3:45 pm
Arrive/actual: 4:47 pm/5:12 pm
Seats: 7A, 7C
Aircraft: MD80
Meal: None
Gate in FLL: C-1

We arrived at the CO ticket counter at 2:00, and waited in the first class line. They only had 1 agent, and it appeared there was a problem with the passengers she was helping, thus the line was backed up. We waited a good 10-15 minutes before being helped. Once the agent pulled up our record, she was unable to issue our BP's. We had purchased a codeshare, and the agent said that the system between NW and CO was down that day. She had to make a few phone calls and completely re-issue our ticket. It was 15 minutes before she had our BP's issued the whole way through.

I asked about the upgrade, and she said she would place us both on the stand-by. After receiving our BP's we whisked through security and arrived at gate C-1. It was only 2:30, and we both hadn't eaten yet. We stopped off at Chili's and got 2 bowls of chili (coincidence?). After finishing our meal, I asked the gate agent how it looked for the upgrade. "As of right now, it's available, but were still waiting on some passengers." I returned to my seat, and we waiting till the boarding announcement was made at 3:15 pm. Still no call about the upgrade. Once more I went up to the podium, and saw the agent giving a F class BP to another passenger. "Is he the only upgrade?", I asked. "Yes, he's it." Is it just me, or do other people get the feeling that these gate agents aren't clearing upgrades properly? So I guess it's another coach flight for me this year. Damn those DL refugee's . We got on board with elite members and stowed our bags in the overhead bin. The MD80 is configured in coach with a 2x3, luckily we were on the 2 side. After settling in, a crying child and her mother came aboard. Yes, they sat right behind us.

First no upgrade, were running late, and now this. Could this flight get any worse? We pushed back at a little after 3:45. Take off was about 4. Once we got in the air, the FA's offered drinks and pretzels. This flight was too late to qualify for the turkey sandwiches. RATS!!

FA's did a pretty good job keeping an eye on the passengers. They even did 2 drink rounds, but didn't offer the whole can.

No IFE on the MD80's, but at least we don't have to listen to Gordo shoot his mouth off about how great CO is, since they offer meals at meal times, and things that make customer satisfaction rank so high at continental.

I read the paper that we had brought on board for most of the flight, and played a little tetris on my gameboy.

At 4:40 we began our descent, and the captain said we would touch down in 30 minutes. Our connection was leaving at 5:26, which means if we wanted to make it, we were going to have to run, FAST. Oh well, no time to stop at Smoothie King, or get a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

We touched down at 5:02, and taxied to the gate. As soon as we pulled in, I jumped out of my seat ahead of everyone else and got to the overheads so we could get our bags out. They opened the door, and we rushed out, along with all the other passengers making tight connections.

Continental 1046 IAH-ORD
Depart/actual: 5:26/7:33
Arrive/actual: 8:11 pm/9:54 pm
Aircraft: 737-300
Seats: 1E, 1F
Meal: Dinner

Thankfully, our connecting gate wasn't too far, so we made it there within 5 minutes at 5:15. Sweating like pigs from running, we showed the agent our BP's and boarded. We got the upgrade on this flight in advance, so we had a nice seat to collapse into. We found 1E, and 1F and settled in. Pre-take off drinks were offered, and I chose a coke. If there's one thing that I like about Continental its that they serve coke instead of Pepsi like NW, I hate Pepsi.

At 5:35 we still had not pushed back. While waiting, the FA came around to take dinner orders. Tonight they had a chicken sandwich with a cup of soup. Would we like to eat? Yes we would, with a coke please. The captain then came on, "Uh folks, they've closed down Chicago/O'hare, so ATC wont let us taxi or take-off. I'll have an update in just a few minutes to let you know when we'll be outta here. By the way, weather in ORD is clear, so were not sure why the airport has been closed."

The last few times my dad has traveled he's had delays. This was the second time in a row (not counting the way back) that he had a delay, I think he's bad luck. Another update: "Folks, we've been delayed till 6:30, so were just going to be sitting here for awhile. The gate agents are going to allow you to get off if you'd like, and we'll be re-boarding at about 6:05."

My dad didn't wont to get off, but I wanted a cinnamon sugar pretzel, I love the ones in IAH. So I de-planed and got my pretzel and returned to the gate a few minutes later. They weren't letting passengers back on till 6:05, it was now 5:45, so I sat around in the gate area. At 6:05 I reboarded, and sat down once more. At 6:32 they closed the door. Oh wait, some passengers were irresponsible, and didn't come back when they were suppose to. The FA had to re open the door to let these late comers on. Of course everyone on board gave them a cold stare.

Finally we were going, or so I thought. We pushed back, and the captain informed us, "Uh folks, they've delayed us now another hour till 7:30. But they need this gate, so were going to wait on the taxiway." The aircraft got so hot onboard, everyone was sweating, and it was so boring. What seemed like forever, 7:30 finally rolled around, and we were going....for real this time. We taxied out and took-off.

Dinner was started shortly after, and the sandwich was presented on 1 tray with Italian wedding soup, and a ghiradelli mint chocolate. CO really seems to like the Italian wedding soup. The sandwich wasn't too bad, it was the usual, on a sourdough hoagie with a carrot, and zucchini. The only complaint was that a tomato sauce was put on the sandwich, which sort of ruined it. The Italian wedding soup was good, and the chocolate was a nice finish with my usual cup of tea. I'm really starting to like these ghiradelli chocolates that have replaced the pecan delights. The meal was generous, considering the length of the flight.

The FA running F/class did a good job checking and re-checking passengers needs. She brought my cup of tea, and even brought me an extra sugar packet, when she realized 1 wasn't enough.

If you ever get on the 733, pick seats 1A,B,E, or F. These seats are the best for two reasons. 1. You get your first choice of meals. 2. There is extra legroom because of the wall cut for your feet, or for stowing bags. The seat also had a headrest, and a newly replaced tray table.

No IFE on this 733 flight either. I believe only 10 planes of CO's 733 fleet has screens, so no Gordo message on this flight either. More reading, and gameboy. I'm thinking of picking up, "From Worst to First" By Gordon Bethune. Has anyone read it? Is it a good book?

We began our descent, and went right through downtown Chicago. We got a great view of the sears tower. We touched down very late, due to the delay, and taxied. It was 10:00, and we were exhausted. Our problems were only beginning. Enterprise, who we were renting from, closes at 10:00. Has anyone ever heard of a rental agency closing that early, on Friday night?? Anyways, we wound up renting from budget, and they didn't screw us to badly either.

Overall a good flight with CO. By the way, if anyone has any idea as to why ORD was shut down that night, let me know. I asked my aunt, and she said that the weather was fine, so I'm really stumped as to why we were delayed.

Here are my rating overall:

Continental 149

IFE: 0 (since theres none)
Staff: 10
Meal: 2 (gotta give them something for the pretzels)
Cleanliness: 10
Overall: 8

Continental 1046:
Seat: 10
IFE: 0 (none)
Staff: 10
Meal: 9
Clealiness: 10
Overall: 9
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