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I want to share with the community the photos of my trip to Ethiopia

I visited: Addis Ababa - Arba Minch - Chenca - Turmi - Jinka - Hawassa - Yabelo - Konso - Irgalem - Mojo - Sodo - Key Afer - Dublock - Dimeka - Kortcho - Rift Valley

To see my photo gallery click on the link below

Ethiopia - a set on Flickr

Lower Valley of the Omo is UNESCO World Heritage Site

Some Tribe and ethnic groups are: Mursi - Karo - Hamer - Banna - Bodi - Galeb - Borana Oromo - Konso - Dorze - Ari - Bongoso - Kwegu or Muguji - Maale - Surma

I want to point out the major tourist attractions

> Addis Ababa what to visit:
- Central Market ( the largest of Africa ! )
- Ethnographic Museum - National Museum - Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum ( Qey Shibir ) - Ethiopian Railway Museum
- panoramic road of Mount Entoto to see the city from above
- Trinity Cathedral - St. George's Cathedral - Adadi Mariam Church - Kiddus Raguel Church - Entoto Maryam Church
- Imperial Palace ( the seat of Government )
- Meskel Square
- Derg Monument
- Ethiopian National Library
- Menelik II Mausoleum

> Arba Minch what to visit:
- near village Chenca ( Ethnic group Dorze )
- Nechisar National Park o Nech Sar ( many crocodiles and hippos )
- Abaja Lake - Chamo Lake

> Jinka what to visit:
- Mago National Park ( Tribe Mursi )
- Central Market
> In Kay Afar or Key Afer very nice market ( Many ethnic groups and tribes who crowd this market )

> Kortcho ( Tribe Karo )

> Turmi ( Tribe Hamer )

> Yabello or Yabelo near village with tribe Borana and in El Sod a volcanic lake black and salty in a crater of a volcano

> Hawassa or Awasa or Auasa interesting the fish market

> Konso or Karati is UNESCO World Heritage Site to see Waga sculptures and the home of the King of the Konso

For nature lovers I suggest you to visit Afar Triangle or Afar Depression

Other interesting places are: Lalibela - Mek'ele - Axum - Gondar or Gonder - Yeha - Adwa - Gheralta - Kossoye - Mount Simien - Bahir Dar - Lake Tana - Debre Libanos - Debre Markos - Weldiya - Kombolcha - Genete Mariam - Lake Hayk
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arba minch, ethiopia, jinka, konso, turmi

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