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FLL-MSP-SEA NW half in F-class

Well Jan 20th rolled around and I had to return to Seattle. FLL-MSP-SEA was the flight plan.

Sch. Departure: 12:45 p.m.
Act. Departure: 12:36 p.m.
Sch. Arrival: 3:36 p.m.
Act. Arrival: 3:38 p.m.
Seat: 1B
Aircraft: A320
Gate: C9
Meal: Lunch
I arrived at the ticket counter at 11:45 a.m. after rushing my dad out of the house. I went to the first-class line, and of course who do you think the was running it? The jerk agent as usual. I would have waited in the coach line except it was to long and they only had 1 agent running it. He motioned us forward. I informed him I was on the 12:45 to MSP going UM. This time we had not requested the service over the phone so he told me their were no more "Unaccompanied minor seats". The policy that Northwest has is that UM's sit in the back rows of the planes, but an agent has always moved me up on the day of the flight to a seat i wanted. All the agent's i've run into always ignore this rule. Not him. He said I would get assigned a seat at the gate. I then asked him about the upgrade.

"It's full". (His typical response)
"Could you put me on the stand-by?"
"Their are 5 platinums on the stand-by you won't have a chance."
"What about the MSP-SEA portion?"
"You'll have to ask in MSP about that."
"Your really not even suppose to be upgrading as an unaccompanied minor." (It wouldn't be complete without him saying it. In my 2 years of flying as an elite member an agent has NEVER told me that)

A very typical conversation with him. I was starting to think that he might be anti-semetic. I'm jewish, and I have a very jewish last name. Every time he checks us in he busts our balls. I'm starting to get a little suspecious. Anyway, he gave me my FLL-MSP boarding pass for a "get at gate" seat.

We went through security. My dad set off the metal detector and they told him to step aside. He stepped aside and no guard came over to check-him and we were waiting. So i got the bin and gave him back his cell-phone,money,wallet etc.... As soon as one of the guards saw this she started yelling and saying that I would have to be personally checked now since I gave him things. Fine whatever. So they brought us over and started with our shoes. My dad said to them, "well here we are the 2 terrorists". I could't believe he said that. They finally let us go since we weren't a "threat".

We went to gate C9 where the A320 was waiting. I figured I better check about the upgrade at the podium. As soon as I asked this agent he printed a new boarding pass for 1B without asking any questions. So much for 5 platinums on the stand-by. I realized that the jerk agent hadn't given me a boarding pass for the connection. I went up the the gate agent again and he printed out a new one for me. I said my good-bye's and I was escorted down the jetway to the plane. I stowed my luggage and found my seat. I chose an ice-water for my pre-take off drink. They began to board. I saw a lady come on the plane with about 1000 bags and 3 coats with her daughter who looked about 8 or 9. She was wearing very tight jeans and a small shirt and it looked like she was trying to act younger than she really was."Good-bye honey", she said. "Good-bye mom", the daughter said. She found her seat next to me after putting all her bags all over the floor in front of me. The A320 had the 2x2 configuration with 4 rows. First was full.

Taxi was short and before I knew it we were in the air leveling off at 35,000 feet. The flight attendant came around and took our drink orders. She handed out our drinks with a little snack basket containing, spinzels, party mix, and almonds. The meal cart followed this. No linens were given and the choice was, a fried chicken salad, or a cornbeef sandwich. She also had a sample of each one so you would know what it looked like. I chose the salad. It was presented on a tray containing, a head of lettuce un-cut, a warm bread roll with salted butter (unlike CO), the plate with the salad, and a peice of chocolate cake.

I started by cutting up the head of lettuce and I put on the packet of ceasar dressing. The salad was a bit plain but was alright. I then ate the roll, followed by the main dish. The main dish was really excellent. I was quite surprised because last time I went on this route the meal was disgusting. It was more of a good potato salad with asparagus topped with fried chicken. I really enjoyed it.

That woman's daughter came up front to visit mommy on one occasion where the mother was awful to her. "Mommy can I sit up here with you?" "No honey i'm trying to sleep go back to your seat". What kind of parent leaves their 8 year old daugher ALONE in coach so they can sit in firstclass? Oh yeah I almost forgot, she was also a silver elite. Again, so much for 5 platinums story.

The staff was superb. The F/A running first was very professional and I didn't need to ask for a re-fill once the whole flight. She also brought out a tray of water 1 hour before landing with spinzels, almonds, and party mix. She did a GREAT job.

The seat was the typical NW seat. Blue cloth without a adjustable headrest. I enjoyed the extra legroom in the bulkhead though. I also noticed that the seat cover seemed to be very clean for some reason.

We began our descent into MSP and touched down and taxied to the gate a little late. The captain told informed us, due to heavy head wind, that we would arrive late, which we did. I thanked the crew very much for the great service and a gate agent took me off the plane. I was then taken over by a gentelmen and he brought me to the UM room. He was very nice and I had a good conversation with him. He told me that before his job at NW he was a cop for 27 years. A very nice guy.

I asked the lady in charge at the UM room to check my upgrade. She tried to put me in a seat but it turned out it was taken. As far as she knew it was full. I thought maybe some people wouldn't show up. Just before I left she informed me that all the passengers in first-class had checked-in and I was stuck in coach. I thought I should check at the gate just to be sure.

I arrived at the gate and when I asked the agent, she confirmed that first was full. Oh well. I've been spoiled by first-class too much anyway I thought. I was upset though because I really wanted to get first on the new 757-300. Oh well. I boarded and found my seat in 32D the aisle. The last row was 43.

Sch. Departure: 5:14 p.m.
Act. Departure: 5:10 p.m.
Sch Arrival: 6:59 p.m.
Act. Arrival: 7:14 p.m.
Meal: Dinner
Seat: 32D
Aircraft: 757-300

When I stowed my luggage and got into my seat I realized that I have been taking first class for granted. The seat in front of me felt like it was right in my face. Their was also a screaming baby for the first 2 hrs of the flight. Legroom? forget it! My knees were jammed into the seat in front. During the flight I also felt like stretching out like I do in first class. When I did this my elbows got hit repeatedly by passengers and flight attendants. I really feel bad for coach passengers. It really is like cattle.

We reached our crusing altitude of 31,000 feet. I thought that was a bit low. It seemed forever before the crew finally started the meal service. "Would you like a roast beef sandwich or turkey"?. I opened up my small tiny tray table, and chose the roast beef, and was surprised it was quite good. It came in a little container that had a package of carrots, a little plastic container of water, and lemon cookies. I was also given a FULL can of pepsi. The sandwich was not bad, and the cookies were pretty good. The only problem was the meal was extremely small. I didn't mind, I figured I could get something in Seattle and this was enough to manage for now.

The crew in coach was phenominal. I was really surprised at how hard and polite the crew worked. During the beverage service a man requested powdered milk instead of real milk for his coffee. The F/A didn't have powdered milk on her and instead of telling him to wait, she interrupted her beverage service to go get him his powdered milk. It was really kind of her, especially for coach. She also came to me on 5 occasions to make sure I was ok, and asked if she could get me something.

The seat of course was a skinny little blue thing that i barely managed to fit in. The cabin was clean. I never reallly noticed what weirdo's fly in coach, which reminded me why I love to fly up-front.

Since their was no entertainment......AT ALL, I played gameboy, slept, and looked at the seat in front of me for awhile. We began our descent and landed in Seattle, and taxied to gate S8.

Upon leaving, I thanked the crew and got into the terminal and met my mom.[/b]

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Location: Seattle,WA (SEA) Terminal S, and CO B gates.
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UPDATE: I wrote a letter complaining about the rude agent and they gave me 5,000 miles. Not bad. I hope he's rude to me again.
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