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Ghana - Benin - Togo

I want to share with the community some tourist information and experience of my trip in Ghana - Benin - Togo in August 2015

A beautiful and interesting adventure trip to discover these fascinating and little-known West African Countries where lives Animism and Voodoo . 14 days 10 travellers + 1 guide + 1 driver of van off road + 1 cook . About 2500 km including several hundreds of kilometers of dirt roads

Photo gallery Ghana

Photo gallery Benin

Photo gallery Togo

After the Ebola epidemic in 2014 in some West African Countries tourism is minimized and outside major cities in the few hotels still open may happen that sometimes there is no water and/or electric current or it is available only for a few hours a day

In August is the rainy season and during my itinerary rained only 6 times including 3 times so strong for almost one hour

Below the itinerary of my trip :

0° day : transfer from Italy ( my home ) in Lomè

1° day : visit of Lomè starts from a walk on the beach then immediately at the chaotic central market and at the nearby Cathedral after at Independence Monument finally the incredible market of fetishes . In the afternoon departure to Aklakou to look an exciting rite Voodoo and after in the village of Seko to look another Voodoo rite lastly in Agbodrafo lakeside Togo for overnight

2° day : short stop in Aného then at Sanvee Condji border crossing with Benin brief stop in Comè and arrival in Ouidah to visit on the beach " The Door of No Return " site of commemoration of African slaves deported to the New World ; visit the Temple of Pythons and the nearby Cathedral finally the Portuguese fortress Museum on the slave trade. Transfer to the pier of Abomey-Calavi and boat transfer in picturesque village of stilt houses of Ganvie

3° day : after returning to the mainland and a short stop in Azovè transfer to Abomey to visit the Royal Palace then at the central market after a brief stop in Passagon lastly transfer to Dassa-Zoumé

4° day : visit the Royal Hill and the Palace of the Kings of Dassa then transfer at nearby village to look the spectacular exit of the Masks Egun ( the spirits of dead people ) . Transfer to Bohicon to visit the archaeological park village underground of Agongointo then short stop in Savalou to look a Voodoo ritual at fetish of Dankoli after short stop in Aworo finally transfer to the forest and mountains Taneka

5° day : visit rural villages Taneka Beri and Taneka Koko mainly consist of round huts covered with conical roofs thatched then brief stop in neighboring Copargo to meet a family of ethnic Peul then transfer to Natitingou

6° day : transfer to Koutamongou to visit some small villages where live people of ethnic Somba and Tamberma the typical houses are named Tata Somba ( are multi-storey houses with a perimeter wall of clay and with turrets with roof thatched and resemble small castles ) after border crossing and entrance in Togo direction Koutammakou to visit a quaint village where live people of ethnic Moba then short stop in Sagbiabou - Sansanné Mango - Tandjouaré to visit other small villages lastly transfer to Dapaong

7° day : transfer to border crossing at Cinkassé and entrance in Ghana in Pulmakom then short stop in Kulungugu - Bawku - Zebilla then direction Tongo-Tengzuk charming village ( nice paorama ) where live people of ethnic Talensi lastly transfer to Bolgatanga

8° day : transfer to Sirigu beautiful village of huts decorated with colored geometric friezes then transfer to Paga to visit a lake with crocodiles lastly return to Bolgatanga to visit the chaotic central market

9° day : transfer to Navrongo to visit a church decorated inside with paintings typical of the area then short stop in Wiasi and Kundungu where live people of ethnic Dagarti after in Mengwe to visit a lively market lastly transfer to Wa

10° day : visit of Wa the Royal Palace in Sudanese style architecture 2 Mosques and the central market after transfer to Chansa a small village where live people of ethnic Lobi then transfer to Larabanga and Kintampo to visit 2 Mosques in Sudanese style architecture after in Bamboi to see the river Black Volta lastly transfer to Techiman

11° day : departure for the chaotic and infernal Kumasi to see a religious procession then at the crowded central market and finally to see the very unusual and colorful ritual of an Ashanti funeral

12° day : visit the Ashanti Museum then participation for the celebration of Akwasidae in honor of King Ashanti after departure to Edumfa to visit a cocoa crops and lastly transfer to Anomabu to see the ocean

13° day : short stop in Cape Coast then in Elmina to visit the infernal overcrowded and colorful port and the fortress prison starting point of the slaves to the New World then transfer to the chaotic Accra to visit the old neighborhood near harbor and a market lastly transfer to Aburi

14° day : visit the botanical garden then short stop in Sogakope and long return in Lomè for return flight at home in Italy

The Botanical Garden of Aburi has not been particularly interesting I personally would have preferred to devote much time in Accra because there are many interesting places to visit !

Before a travel in these Countries consult a doctor in a international vaccination center of tropical diseases for appropriate vaccinations and prophylaxis. There are too many dangerous mosquitoes !

Concluding: this is certainly a trip very interesting and meeting with people is the most beautiful part of my trip !
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