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I want to share with the community a lot of tourist information and experience of my trip in Iran

I visited the north of the Country. Very interesting and touristically varied this route across varied beautiful landscapes from the chaotic and big cities to small rural villages to find out in 10 days a small part of this big and interesting Country

To see my photo gallery click on the link below

Below a list of tourist attractions of my itinerary that may be useful to plan better a trip

> Masuleh is a beautiful village in the province of Fuman with an unique architecture : The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below . Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets . The small streets and many stairs simply wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter . The village itself has a difference in elevation of 100 meters ( from wikipedia )

> Kandovan is a small and beautiful village characterized by the troglodyte houses carved into volcanic rock with the characteristic shape of inverted cones

> Takht-e Soleyman or Throne of Solomon is located in the province of Takab and is the most sacred shrine of Zoroastrianism and the ancient Sasanian Empire . To visit the Fire Temple the Anahita Temple the Royal Residences and a beautiful spring inside a large volcanic crater call Zendan-e Soleyman ( Prison of Solomon )

> Jolfa is situated on the border with the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic . To visit the Russian market and Aras Free Zone and at 17 km the Armenian Monastery of St. Stephen ( Kalisa Darreh Sham )

> Valley of Alamut is located at the base of Elburz Mountains . From the village of Gazor Khan can be reached with 30 minutes of walking the ruins of Castle of Assassins or Fortress of Alamut ( is located on the top of a rocky outcrop and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape )

> Menjil is a city of the province of Rudbar with a large wind farm and a beautiful artificial lake . Very nice scenery along the way from Menjil to Ab Bar the mountains have very spectacular colors . Interesting paddy fields along the river near Rostamabad surrounded by barren hills

> Soltaniyeh Known as the City of Sultans . To visit the Mausoleum of Oljeitu Khodabandeh the Mausoleum of Mullah Hassan Kashi the Dervish Monastery of Khanegah with indoors the Mausoleum of Boq'eh Chelabi-oglu

> Rasht is the capital of the province of Gilan . City enjoyable and eventful because it is a destination of the seaside tourism of near Caspian Sea

> Kaleybar To visit on top of a nearby mountain with a 45-minute walk the ruins of Castle Babak Khorramdin or Fortress of Qal'eh Babak ( interesting nomadic tented village of shepherds thereabout only during the summer )

> Maku is a small town of north-west of the Western Azarbaijan region . To visit nearby the Armenian Monastery of St. Thaddeus

> Maragheh To visit Observatory Maragha the tombs of Gunbad Kabud and Awhaduddin Awhadi the Monument Qyrmyzy Gvnbz the Statue of Anahita

> Ahar To visit the Mausoleum Sheikh Shaabe-deen

> Sareyn is a small and lively town there are hot springs and sulphurous waters that arriving from dormant volcano Sabalan is a destination for spa tourism

> Tabriz
- Covered Bazaar
- Blue Mosque of Kabud - Mosque AliShah or Ark-e-alishah ( ruins ) - Jame Mosque ( Masjid-e-jame ) - Mosque Imamzadeh Hamzah - Mosque Saheb-ol-Amr - Mosque Shohada
- Pond and Park of Shah Eil Goli
- Tomb of Poets ( Maqbaratoshoara )
- Saat Tower
- Madrassa Akbarieh
- Baghmisheh Gate
- Behnam House - Haidarzadeh House - Hariree House - House of Seghat ol Islam - Amir Nezam House
- House of the Constitution Khaneh Mashrouteh
- Turkish Baths Nobar
- Protestant Church - Armenian Church of St. Mary - Armenian Church of Adventists
- State Palace of East-Azerbaijan
- Carpet Museum - Museum of the Iron Age - Museum of Measure - Museum Muharram - Museum Ostad Bohtouni - Museum of Ceramics - Postal Museum - Museum of Natural History - Literature Museum Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar - Museum of Azerbaijan
- Fire Fighting Tower ( Yangin Tower )
- Bridge Aji Chay - Bridge Qari - Bridge Pol Sangi
- Tomb of the 2 Kamals
- University Rabe Rashidi or Rab'-e Rashidi ( ruins )

> Qazvin
- Mausoleum Hamdallah Mustawfi
- Bazaar
- Jame Mosque - Mosque Shazdeh Hosein shrine - Mosque Heidarieh - Mosque Panjeh Ali - Mosque Al-Nabi - Mosque Sanjideh - Mosque Panjeh Ali - Mosque Peighambarieh - Mosque Molla Verdikhani - Mosque Salehieh - Mosque Sheikhol Islam - Mosque Sardar
- Pavilion Chehel Sotun
- Traditional dwelling Aminiha Hosseiniyeh
- Qajar Bathhouse
- Russian Church
- Memorial of Revolution
- Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh
- Modern arch at the entrance of the city
- Old Gate
- Castle Meimoon Ghal'eh ( ruins )
- Museum of Anthropology

> Zanjan
- Covered Bazaar
- Jame Mosque - Mosque with the golden vault
- Building Rakhtshooy Khaneh
- Archaeological Museum

> Ardabil
- Mausoleum Sheikh Safi al-Din al-Urmawi ( with the house of lanterns the tower Allah-Allah and the hall of the porcelain )
- Mausoleum Sheikh Jebra'il
- Mosque Haji Fakr - Mosque Mirza Ali Akbar - Jame Mosque ( ruins )
- Bazaar
- Bridge Yeddi Goz
- Lake Shorabil

> Tehran
- Tower Milad with observatory at 312 meters - Tower Azadi - Tower Borje Toghrol
- Mausoleum Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeyni
- Palace of Golestan - Palace Saadabad - Palace Meydan Mashgh - Palace Hosseiniyeh Ershad
- Bazaar
- Mosque Shah Abdol Azim Shrine - Mosque Imam Jaafar Sadegh
- War Memorial
- Complex of Niavaran
- Vahdat Hall - City Theater
- Bridge Abrisham
- Pardis Mellat Gallery
- Museum of Jewelry - Carpet Museum - Archaeological Museum - Museum of Glass and Ceramics - National Museum - Museum Reza Abbasi - Museum of Crystal - Museum Moghadam - Museum of Cinema - Holy Defense Museum - Museum National Library Malek - Museum of Natural History Darabad - Museum Ghasr - Museum Artak Manukian
- Armenian Church St. Sarkis
- Valley of Darband
- Park Jamshidieh - Park Eram Amusement - Park Mellat - Garden of the Birds
- Excursion Mount Tochal - Excursion Village Darakeh

Other cities that I have visited are Marganlar Nordooz Maragheh Astara Miandoab ... but in these places I did not find relevant tourist attractions

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Hi guys
You have no idea how amazing iran is! If u think Iran has just summarized to Tehran, Isfahan or Persepolis you r sooooo wrong!!!
If want to get more information about all wonders of this enchanting country don't hesitate to visit my website and find your own destination for holidays.
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hi there....Is here anyone familiar with good hotels of Iran? I found some excellent ones on this website tournets
but I was wondering who has gone to Iran to give me some advice...
thank u in advance
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ardabil, iran, qazvin, tabriz, tehran

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