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Ivory Coast travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery

I want to share with the community some tourist information and experience of my recent trip in Ivory Coast

A nice itinerant trip to know habits and traditions of some ethnic groups that populating different areas of the Ivory Coast ; a travel of interest mainly anthropological / ethnographic . In rural villages to see ancient animist rites allows to know better the culture , the religion and local traditions . The itinerary of about 2200 km of paved and dirt roads has been done in 10 days crossing the country in a circular way

To see the photo gallery of my trip click on the link below

Under my daily itinerary of the places I have visited ( may be useful to better plan a trip )

- Day 1 : transfer from my house to Abidjan

- Day 2 ( 210 km ) : departure from Abidjan to Akoupé and after in the city of Abengourou where live mainly the inhabitants of the Akan ethnic group , to visit the Royal palace , the Museum of Agni Indeniè and the lively central market

- Day 3 ( 315 km ) : departure to Aniassué for the visit of a school of animist priestesses ( Komian ) to see a traditional dance of Feticheuses ; transfer to Daoukro and subsequently in the city of Bouaké

- Day 4 ( 260 km ) : visit to the village of Kapela famous for the production of hand painted terracotta beads , continuation for the village of Waraniéné famous for weaving and to see traditional Boloye dance or of panther ; transfer in the lively city of Korhogo

- Day 5 ( 80 km ) : visit of the surroundings of Korhogo , Pays Senoufo , and the animist sanctuary of Shienlow , the granite mines , the village of Koni famous for the iron craftsmanship ; subsequently return to Korhogo to visit the great Mosque

- Day 6 ( 230 km ) : departure to the beautiful village of Niofoin , where there are characteristic houses built in clay , the typical tapered granary and a beautiful house of fetishes with conical shaped ; transfer near Boundiali to see traditional dance Ngoro and in a charming village inhabited by nomadic breeder of Peulh ethnic group or Fulani ; continuation for Badandougou and city of Odienné

- Day 7 ( 270 km ) : visit of the Mosque of Odienné and meeting with the Donso , also called the Malinkè hunters , to see a traditional dance ; continuation for Touba , that is the heart of Pays Yacouba also called Dan , at the villages of Waninou and Koungbekro to watch the exiting of the beautiful masks Gue Gblen ; subsequently transfer to city of Man

- Day 8 ( 340 km ) : departure to Kouepleu to visit the rapids of the river and continuation for Danané to visit an interesting village famous for a beautiful lianas bridge that dominates the river Bandama ; subsequently return to Man to visit the falls of Zadepleu and the forest of the sacred monkeys of Gbepleu

- Day 9 ( 200 km ) : departure to Daloa , continuation for Bouaflé to visit a cocoa plantation ; subsequently arrival in the Capital Yamoussoukro to visit the grandiose Basilica of Notre Dame de la Paix and after visit of the village of Gbomizambo , where the inhabitants of the Baulé ethnic group reside , to see the dance of Goly masks ; finally transfer to city of Yamoussoukro

- Day 10 ( 275 km ) : visit of the lake with the sacred caimans of the Presidential palace of Yamoussoukro ; subsequently departure to caotic city of Abidjan to visit the district of Plateau with the dynamic Cathedral and the Ethnographic Museum ; finally transfer to Grand Bassam

- Day 11 ( 45 km ) : visit of the colonial town and also famous seaside resort of Grand Bassam ; transfer to Abidjan to return to my home

P.s. to know the location where the photographs were taken , enlarge them individually clicking on it and read under the picture
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