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I want to share with the community the photos of my trip to Libya

I visited: Tripoli ( Tripolitania ) Sabratha - Leptis Magna - Desert Awbari - Tadrart Acacus - Sahara - Awaynat - Germa - Sabha ( Fezzan )

To see my photo gallery click on the link below

Libya - a set on Flickr

I want to point out the major tourist attractions

> Tadrart Acacus is a mountainous desert and sandy located in the southwest of Libya is UNESCO World Heritage Site

> Ubari or Awbari desert is a wonderful sandy desert ( Erg ) there are a few oases like lake Um El Ma and lake Gaberoun

> Tripoli what to visit:
- Medina quarter
- Arch of Marcus Aurelius
- Assai al-Hamra ( Red Castle )
- Jazair Square Mosque
- Gurgi Mosque - Karamanli Mosque
- Jamahiriya Museum - Museum of Libya in the Palace of the People
- Souq Al-Attara - Al-Mushir - Al-Liffa - Al-Turk
- Fish Market
- Martyrs Square ( Ex Green Square )

> Leptis Magna archaeological site is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important parts are: Baths of Hadrian - Basilica - Arch of Septimius Severus - Temple of the Nymphs - Old Hole - Theater - Chalcidicum - Byzantine port - Market - Amphitheater - Port - Colonnade Street - Monumental Arches - Terme Hunters - Stadium ( Racecourse )

> Sabratha or Sabratah archaeological site is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important parts are: Bes Mausoleum - Theater - Forum - Christian Basilica - Temple of Antoninus - Temple of Jupiter - Spa - Temple of Isis - Temple of Hercules - Temple of Serapis - Temple of Liber Pater - Amphitheater

> Germa archaeological site Germa was the capital of the Garamantes
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leptis magna, libya, sabratha, tripoli, ubari

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