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Maui travel and activities -- biking down a volcano, etc...

Hi, everyone.

This is my first post here. Just wanted to introduce myself... I'm a travel writer, and I have just written a new article about Maui (and specifically about biking down the island's 10,000-foot volcano). I think there might be some people here who would find it interesting and, hopefully, helpful as well. You can read the article here:

Also, to the admin of this board, if this isn't the proper forum to post something like this, I apologize in advance.

Josh Roberts

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Thanks for this site.This site is the gateway to planning Maui vacation.Maui is everything have dreamed Hawaii to be, and almost certainly more than imagined.Mauiís natural beauty, small town charm and opportunity for adventure.

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Maui travel and activities -- biking down a volcano, etc...

Hello Friends,
This is a truth we all know that the all island are so much beautiful Maui is a one beautiful island that made for a great trip. It provided endless options for relaxing, exploring, and really enjoying ourselves. Itís really impossible to explain how beautiful this island is and how itís part of the United Statesónot Bali or French Polynesia, etc. I would have to say that the number-one thing we did was the bike ride down the volcano, hands down. At 10,000 feet, standing over a crater larger than most islands, you have the chance to just soak it all in while watching the most incredible sunrise. winter is a great time of year to be in Hawaii. Winter November-March is the peak whale-watching season. It is also the peak travel season, so you will pay more and find things are more crowded, as well. Because whale-watching is such a big attraction there.
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