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Moldova and Transnistria travel tips tourist attractions photo gallery

I would like to share with community my experience and some tourist information of my recent trip in Moldova and Transnistria which may be useful to plan better a trip

To see the photo gallery of my travel in Moldova click on the link below

For my first trip in Moldova I decided to visit only the Capital : Chisinau . A nice city developed on 7 small hills with many parks and some lakes more or less large . The architecture of the city is mainly of Soviet style . Among the most interesting and particular buildings there is surely the wonderful Church Hiriseni built in 1642 all in wood is situated inside del Village Museum Satului , it is located in the middle of a very nice garden at the end of a dirt road at the edge of the city near the City Gate thereabout of intersection of the Aeroportului street and Bulevardul Dacia on the opposite side of the botanical garden , it is hidden by vegetation and it is not easy to find . Most of the buildings / attractions are located at the sides of the main road : the Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfint ; within these there are some of the most important buildings institutional and government as the Parliament , the Government building , the Ministry of the Interior , the Municipal Council ; other buildings / important attractions always situated long Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfint are : the Arch of Triumph , the park with the beautiful Orthodox Cathedral of Lord's Nativity and the Bell tower , the National Theater Mihai Eminescu , the park and the monument of Stephen the great , the Church of the Holy Hierarch Nicola , the Opera Theater . Another beautiful and special Church always built all in wood is the Saint John Martyr of Suceava located between Sfantul Andrei street and Albisoara lake . Among the most important Churches there is the Orthodox Monastery Ciuflea with the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Theodore Tiron ( Theodore of Amasea ) with golden domes is internally very beautiful and it is situated in the Ciuflea street ; other interesting Churches are : the Church of holy Mother Teodora of Sihla in Puskin street n. 20 and the Church of St. Panteleimon in Vlaicu Pircalab street n. 42 . Not to be missed the suggestive Eternitate Memorial Complex in Pantelimon Halippa street n. 5 it is the biggest Memorial to the victims of war in the Capital , it is formed by 5 stylized red rifles 25 meters high where under burn a perennial flame , to be seen also the Monumental cemetery adjacent . I would also recommend to visit the beautiful train station building of Chisinau In front of the monument to the victims of the communist regime and also the commemorative monument in memory of Grigory Kotovsky that is situated in the Constantin Negruzzi square right in front of Cosmos hotel . Among the most beautiful parks , I recommend : the Valea Morilor with a wonderful and impressive staircase which leads to the lake , the Valea Trandafirilor , the Riscani Ciocana and specially the botanical garden located in the Gradina Botanica street . Other interesting buildings are : the water tower ( it is also the City Museum of Chisinau ) near the park Valea Morilor more or less in front of the beautiful palace of OSCE in the Alexei Mateevici street . Among the most important Museums I suggest : the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History in the Mihail Kogalniceanu street n. 93 , the National Museum of History of Moldavia in the 31 August 1989 street n. 78 , the National Art Museum always situated in the street 31 August 1989 , finally the Military Museum situated in the Tighina street n. 47 . I would also recommend visiting the lovely palace of the National Library of Moldova with in front the statue of Vasile Alecsandri in the 31 August 1989 street n. 78a , the Circus State Building located in Bulevardul Grigore Vieru , the monument leninist komsomol in the Bulevardul Grigore Vieru and especially I want to recommend a walk in the morning to the big and crowded central market between Tighina and Armeneasca streets right behind the Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfint street . Overall Chisinau is a nice and cheap city ; 3 days are sufficient to visit the city . An interesting excursion outside the city at only 11 km from Chisinau is the visit of the wineries of Cricova which are a real maze of underground galleries 120 km long ! . Formerly it was a mine from which limestone was extracted ; now of tunnels are only used 60 km for the preservation of wine

Transnistria is a not recognized State from the UN member states and it is independent from 1990 , it has own currency , flag , language , Institutions , etc... etc... . This territory is separate from Moldova from a buffer zone where are present Russian soldiers to guarantee peace . With this brief introduction , inspired by great tourist curiosity I decided to make a short trip from morning to evening to visit some places and to know better this reality

To see the photo gallery of my travel in Transnistria click on the link below

> Bender : is also called Tighina , Benderi or Bendery is a quiet city located on the right side of the Dnestr river and it is situated inside the buffer zone . The beautiful fortress with the small Museum is the main tourist attraction of the city and it is located at the end of Panina street . The beautiful train station recalls a Soviet atmosphere and it is situated in Academicianul Fiodorov street near at the Museum of Military Glory . To visit the Cathedral of the Transfiguration located between Lenin street and Lazo street exactly behind the local Government Palace and beautiful the Russian Orthodox Church of Saints Joachim and Anna at the intersection of the Ermacov and Chisinau streets ; always on the Ermacov street You can see : the church in honor of the image Of the Blessed Savior , the Arch of Triumph ( Memorial ) , the monument of Grigorij Aleksandrovic Potemkin and the adjacent military cemetery . The main parks are : the Gorky park and the leninist komsomol park with the commemorative monument of Vladimir Lenin . There are many Memorials in remembrance of the victims of war and many monuments which unites the Country with the ex Soviet Union and the communism

> Tiraspol : is located on the left side of the Dnestr river and is the capital of Transnistria . Many of the buildings / monuments more interesting are situated along the main street : 25 Octombrie street ; among them there is the Soviet House ( City hall ) with front a bust of Vladimir Lenin , the Parliament with front a big granite statue of Vladimir Lenin , the Palace of Culture , the Chapel of St. George from the particular elongated shape and the Cemetery Memorial with the victims of war , the tank monument and not far away always in the same street there are the ruins of the Tiraspol fortress . Very beautiful the Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity located in the Karl Marx street . Among the most important monuments there is the statue of Aleksandr Vasil'evic Suvorov situated in the homonym square , finally the Eparchy Orthodox Church of Tiraspol and Dubasari located in the Sevcenco street n. 25 . Among the Museums I recommend the Kotovsky situated in the Manoilov street n. 34 . Interesting also the central market

> Chitcani : the complex of Monastery Noul Neamt is probably the most beautiful of the Transnistria and is located along the Lenin road ; near in a dominant position on top of the hill there is the commemorative Memorial Kitskany Bridgehead

Transnistria is unknown from most part of people but it is surely a place turisticly interesting and certainly very particular

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