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Northwest FLL-SEA via MSP on Oct 28th in Firstclass

I was traveling on NW flight 1905 from Ft. Lauderdale to Minneapolis connecting to 163 from Minneapolis to Seattle. I had booked an award ticket for this trip in firstclass so I didnt need to bother with confirming my gold elite upgrade 3 days before. I had been assigned to seat 1B and then 1B on the connection.

We(me and my dad) arrived at the airport with about 45 minutes to spare for our 12:45 departure to Minneapolis.(i know we didnt get there with much time we were rushing). My dad, whose a silver elite, tried to get an upgrade a day before but was told that both flights were full. He was placed on the stand-by list and we were hoping he would get it upon check-in.

We got to the check-in at Terminal 1 for Northwest. We were checked in by an unfriendly agent in the firstclass check in who I see often in Ft. Lauderdale. He usually is nice but I guess today he wasnt in a good mood. When we asked about my fathers upgrade we were told, "It's full". He didnt even check the computer. He might have known the FLL-MSP flight was full but what about the MSP-SEA. After handing us our boarding cards we left for our gate. Security was pretty easy and we sped right through. Were not worldclub members so we didnt go there.

Upon arriving at the gate there was a mob of people surrounding the gate. We assumed that a flight had been cancelled and that we were in for a late departure. Sure enough the flight didnt board till about 12:40, so we didnt think we would get out of there by 12:45. We boarded the A320 with the firstclass and I found my seat and he found his in coach. The A320 is configured with a 2x2 configuration and has 4 rows. First checked out full for the flight. When I arrived to my seat in first a man asked if i would be willing to switch with his wife in 4B. I agreed because my dad was in 5C right behind it. This way i could share some of the grub with him . A pre-take off drink was served to me. No menus though but i'm not acustom to that on Northwest. The cabin area was spotless.

I really dis-like the northwest firstclass seat. Especially on the A320. It is a blue cloth seat that has good support and is wide but the legroom is nothing great but better than coach. Unfortunatly my recline was broken and kept coming back up on certain occasions. Compared to most US airlines i'd say this seat is worse than most. I hadnt eaten all day and was looking forward to a nice lunch. After take-off i was chatting with my dad a little and the rude flight attendant came over and shut the curtains and walked away almost to say dont talk with him. I thought that was kinda rude.

She then began the lunch service. No linens handed out. When she got to me the choices were sandwich or.... oh wait they ran out of the other choice (a salad). I agreed to eat the sandwich. The only thing they served in coach was a can of soda and a small bag of pretzels on a 3 and a half hour flight. I think they should be embarrased to only serve that! I passed my dad a bowl of fruit from the tray. The sandwich was disgusting and I was disappointed. I flew this route about 3 months before and was served a much better lunch with a chicken pasta salad, with a salad, and warm roll, and dessert. This was just a turkey bacon sandwich (GROSS! ) with a bowl of fruit and a peice of chocolate cake. I was really disappointed. No entertainment either because Northwest no longer gives movies or any entertainment on flights in the US. Even though we had a late departure, we arrived into Minneapolis a few minutes early. Too bad for us we had a 4 hour lay over.

After de-planing we were in the airport terminal. Like i said before we arent worldclub members so we couldnt check out the worldclub. We decided to go hang out at buger king. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting so more an agent showed up at our gate. As soon as she did my dad went up to her and asked about his upgrade. "it's iffy", she responded.

They started to board and my dad asked about the upgrade again. She told us that he proabaly wouldnt get it. So we decided to board the 757. Just before the agent took our boarding stubs an announcement was made over the P.A., that my dad should stay in the gate area cause he might have a chance at the upgrade. Thank god I said. We waited and started to bit our nails. Then, they called him up to the podium. He had recieved his upgrade for seat 6A. we boarded. I was hoping I could trade seats so I could sit next to him. No one was seated in the seat next to him so I decided to just sit down. When the lady who was sitting there arrived I asked if she would trade and she agreed. This 757 had a configuration of 2x2 with 6 rows. Again, it checked out full.

No pre-take off drink or menus handed out. Strange about the pre-take off drink, not that it's that important to me. We departed on-time for Seattle. After take-off the flight attendants wheeled the meal cart around. I thought the meal wouldnt be as bad as the last flight since I fly this route alot and usually get very good meals. I was right. The choices were either, pasta with sausage or Chicken Picatta. I chose the chicken picatta. So did my dad. It was presented with linens and silverware on a tray.(plastic knife though) The food was marvelous.

I started with the appetizer. It was tender beef with a teriyaki sauce dip. It was very good. I then started with my greek salad with vinagrette dressing. Again, great. Somewhere in between I ate my warm roll with butter. After I started with the main dish. It was no exception. It was with rice and veggies. a great mix. After the trays were cleared a dessert was started. It was vanilla ice cream sundaes with choice of toppings. I chose the walnuts with chocolate sauce. The food on this flight was 100% perfect.

Since Northwest doesnt give movies i decided to go to sleep. The seat is a little bit bigger than the A320's and the legroom is more too. It is still the same material though with blue cloth. It was a nice flight. The flight attendants were all very nice on this flight as well. We landed in Seattle in the S concourse on time. [/b]
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