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Continental 1880, SEA-EWR 2A, 2B 757, MEAL: lunch

We arrived at the Continental ticket counter at 8:45 a.m. for our 9:25 a.m. departure to Newark. The flight was suppose to be an internationally configured 757 but that was changed a day before the flight so we were stuck with a domestic configured 757. We had already upgraded with mileage and were pre-assigned to seat, 2A, 2B, and 2E, 2F on the connection.

When we arrived at the ticket counter and there was a massive line for the kiosks. We took one look at the line and went to the first-class check-in. No one was in-line and we were helped without a wait. The agent who checked us in was a little stiff but was still nice. Within 5 minutes we were checked-in and handed our boarding cards. Our departure gate was B09.

After a quick stop at the gift shop, we headed for the gate. Security was easy, and was another 5 minutes. Gate B09 was very crowded, but we were expecting a full flight since it was a day before christmas eve. Boarding began a little late at 8:57, it was suppose to be 8:45. We boarded and found our seats. I was really disappointed at Continental for changing the flight to domestic configuration 1 day before departure. I had really been looking forward to the international configuration on this flight for 2 months. Upon boarding, I found that the 757 seat was an old first class seat without an adjustable headrest. I would have to manage. Their were 6 rows of first class with a 2x2 configuration. First class was very empty, about half full. A pre-take-off drink was offered and coats were hung. The flight attendant was a little robotic and a little cold. Departure was then delayed because of de-iceing that had to be preformed. But like i always say, safety first. We pulled away from the gate at 9:17 a.m. and took off. On take-off, the cockpit door flew open. So much for security. The door was open for about 30 seconds and the flight attendants couldnt get up because we had just taken off. When they did get up, it took a while for them to close it because it wouldnt latch. Menu's were then handed out.


Warm roasted nuts
served with your preferred cocktail or beverage

Lobster claws accompanied by Du Barry sauce

Red oakleaf and romaine lettuce with fresh asparagus,
Roma tomato, Kalamata olives and feta cheese

Offered with your choice of La Flora italian herb vinaigrette
or creamy thousand island dressings.

Freshly baked bread and assorted rolls with butter will be offered.


Grilled Steak
Sterling Silver steak tenderloin complemented by peppercorn sauce
and maitre d'hotel butter, white cheddar cheese mashed potatoes with chives. Fine green beans, carrots.

Herbed Chicken
Breast of chicken presented on a bed of herbed couscous, accented by red wine sauce with mushroomsm, buttered baby carrots baby peas with chanterelle mushrooms and salsify

Grilled Shrimp
Grilled, Marinated shrimp enhanced by a shellfish sauce accompanied by a grilled artichoke base filled with creamed spinach Tomato and basil relish Fiesta rice.

Pasta Bowl
Cannelloni pasta filled with ricotta cheese and wild mushrooms, topped with Salute sauce and oven roasted yellow tomatoes

Freshly grated cheese will be offered with your pasta.

Vanilla ice cream
offered with your choice of toppings

The Menu looked very appetizing. I was debating if i should choose the shrimp or steak. Hot towels were handed out, followed by lunch orders. I decided to go for the steak. My dad chose the shrimp. I also chose the vinaigrette dressing with my salad. Linens were handed out. The nuts were cashews and were not warm but still good. The lobster was delicious but i didnt like the sauce that much. I chose a sourdough roll which was delightful. The salad was perfect. It was very delicious. When my main course arrived it looked very appetizing. I chose another sourdough roll to go with it. I started with the carrots which were steamed. They were good. The mashed potatoes were also delicious. Finally, the steak was outstanding. I asked my dad if he liked his shrimp and he agreed with me that the meal was one of the best we have ever had in first class. The meal was perfect so far. After i was finished, my steak plate was cleared away. Soon after the dessert cart was wheeled around. I chose chocolate fudge with walnuts for my sundae with a cup of tea with milk and sugar. The ice cream was a little to frozen but i managed. My dad on the other hand accidently broke his glass by trying to cut the ice-cream with his spoon. The flight attendant was very kind and cleared the glass away and offered him another sundae.

During the meal, Mr. Deeds was playing. After the meal, they showed Serving Sara. I was surprised that they had showed 2 movies because i can not recall once on this route when they showed 2 movies. The flight was very turbulent. The captain kept coming on and apologizing. The flight attendants were nice and i didnt even need to ask for a re-fill on my coke. After watching the movie, and reading my book, we had begun our descent into Newark. No cookies were offered before arrival, which was unusual. We touched down at about 5:20 p.m. and taxied to gate C75.

Our connection wasn't until 7:55 p.m. so we had a long wait. After looking at some shops we went to our gate, C95.

[b]Continental 1701, EWR-FLL, 2E, 2F, 757, MEAL: none

Boarding began and we found our seats. This 757 WAS equipped with the international configuration so i was looking forward to some nice sleep. A pre-take off drink was offered to us. This 757 had 4 rows of first class with a 2x2 configuration. First class was full. I started to play with the sleeper seat and it turned out my footrest was broken. It would go out, but had trouble retracting. The flight attendant had to come over to close it upon take-off and arrival. The flight attendant on this flight seemed a little more welcoming the the last. Afer take-off, there was heavy turbulence. That lasted about 15 minutes. The flight attendants came around to take our drink orders. This was another last minute change that continental had made. They had changed our meal from a snack to nothing. This made me a little disappointed as well. Drinks were handed out with a bag of pretzels. The seat was really a great part of the flight. I slept for the whole flight because of the comfy seat. It has great legroom and is electronic. They also were showing continental visions but i was to tired to watch. When i awoke we had begun our descent into Ft. Lauderdale. We landed and taxied to gate C7. A good flight but Continental made to many changes.

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Good trip report.

Is it any more expensive to do this trip via EWR than IAH? Seems like you're going 25% further than you have to. Do you do the same routing on the return?

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Sometimes it depends. My return will be on Northwest thru MEM on a codeshare. As for the going through EWR, we were originally going through IAH but their was a schedule change and i had them switch our flight through EWR cause i wanted the international configed 757 from SEA-EWR.(even though that didnt happen). So it's usually cheaper to go thru IAH, but sometimes it's cheaper through EWR.
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