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2am / ifr / american express

So it's 2am and I realized that I'm flying IFR the next morning in an airplane without a timer. I needed to buy a stopwatch.

I drove to a 24 hour walgreens about two miles away and wander around looking for some cheap electronics. I found a digital wristwatch with a huge display that had a functional timer. $19 and I'll keep it in my flight bag for future flights, too. Not bad for 2am.

I proceeded to the cashier, handing him my watch and my amex card. Like every other amex card I've had, even though my full name (with middle initial) is on the card, just my first two initials and last name are printed out with the receipt.

After signing one copy of the receipt, I'm handed the other with my bag and the cashier says, "Here you are . . . and have a good evening [he looks down. pauses.] district attorney baker."

My receipt says "DA BAKER" below my card number.

I'm not sure if he was joking.
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