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I tried to withdraw some cash from an ATM with my Fidelity Investments Platinum charge card last week and was declined.

I called American Express and was told that there was no reason that I should have been declined. I was told that I had an ample charge limit with an equal cash withdraw limit. They suggested that maybe I forgot my PIN and offered to send it out to me. I declined the offer, but asked if I could verify the PIN that I was using. They said I could use an automated system to change the PIN and just enter the existing PIN to try and set it back to the same thing.

They transferred me to the automated PIN changing thing on the phone and I successfully changed my PIN back to the same thing.

Oops, okay, I must have just typed the PIN in wrong at the ATM machines. My mistake; I hadn't used this card in an ATM machine for months, anyway. It happens.

I went yesterday to an ATM and tried to withdraw cash. Declined.

I call American Express Platinum customer support and am told that they sent out a PIN in the mail to me. I said that I didn't want a PIN sent to me and that I had specifically refused the offer for the previous platinum rep to do so. The guy told me that it was too bad and that I'd have to wait for the PIN to come in the mail.

After much petty disputing about the situation, it finally came to me saying, "Listen to me. I've been a customer of yours for many years. I'm a Platinum Card holder. I don't have any cash in my wallet and it is because you made a mistake. You admitted to the error. Something has to be done and I'm not waiting for the envelope to get here."

He offered to remedy the situation and FedEx me some travellers cheques or have me pick them up at an American Express office.

I didn't have time to deal with it at that point, so I asked him to make a note of the offer in my account and that I'd call and take care of it later.


I can understand that there could be a mistake and they accidently send me the PIN, but I'm still furious that they can't reset it for me on the phone.

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dbaker sorry about your troubles. I have a Fidelity account and a AMEX card with them as well...i have nver used it...i guess i will try not to be in that situation [img]/forums/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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