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Mount Kailash – Everest Base camp – Lhasa Tour

Mount Kailash – Everest Base camp – Lhasa Tour - 27 Days
Mt. Kailash, at 6714m, is not the mightiest of the mountains in the region, but with its hulking shape – like the handle of a millstone, according to Tibetans – and its yearlong snow-capped peak, it stands apart from the pack. Its four sheer walls match the cardinal points of the compass, and its southern face is famously marked by a long vertical cleft punctuated halfway down its traverse by a horizontal line of rock strata. This scarring resembles a swastika – a Buddhist symbol of spiritual strength – and is a feature that has contributed to Kailash’s mythical status. The mountain is known in Tibetan as Kang Rinpoche, or ‘Precious Jewel of Snow’.

Throughout Asia exist stories of a great mountain, the navel of the world, from which flow four great rivers that gave life to the areas they pass through. The myth originates in the Hindu epics, which speak of Mt. Meru – home of the gods – as a vast column 84,000 leagues high, its summit kissing the heavens and its flanks composed of gold, crystal, ruby and lapis lazuli. These Hindu accounts placed Mt. Meru somewhere in the towering Himalaya but, with time, Meru increasingly came to be associated specifically with Mt. Kailash. The confluence of the myth and the mountain is no coincidence. No-one has been to the summit to confirm whether or not the gods reside there, but Kailash does indeed lie at the centre of an area that is the key to the drainage system of the Tibetan plateau. Four of the great rivers of the Indian subcontinent originate here; the Karnali, which feeds into the Ganges (south); the Indus (north); the Sutlej (west); and the Barhmapurtra (Yarlung Tsangpo, east).

Mt. Kailash has long been an object of worship for four major religions. For the Hindus, it is the domain of Shiva, the Destroyer and Transformer. To the Buddhist faithful, Mt. Kailash is the abode of Demchok (Sanskrit: Samvara), a wrathful manifestation of Sakyamuni (Sakya Thukpa) thought to be the equivalent of Hinduism’s Shiva. The Jains of India also revere the mountain as the site at which the first of their saints was emancipated. And in the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, Kailash was the sacred Yungdrung Gutseg (Nine-Stacked-Swastika Mountain) upon which the Bonpo founder Shenrab alighted from heaven.


Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu & transfer to hotel (Bed & Breakfast)
Day 02: sightseeing with guided Kathmandu valley
Day 03: Drive to Zhangmu & Nyalam - full board
Day 04: Drive Nyalam - Paigutso (4350 m)- Camp full board
Day 05: Drive Paigutso - Paryang - Camp full board
Day 06: Drive Paryang - Manasarovar Lake - Camp full board
Day 07: Circle the holy lake by jeep & camping lakeside (Chiu Gomba) - Camp
Day 08: Drive to Thathaphuri (hot Spring) afternoon back to Darchen - Guesthouse
Day 09: Mt Kailash Kora: trek Darchen - Dirphuk - Camp full board
Day 10: Trek Dirphuk - Zutul Puk - Camp full board
Day 11: Trek ends, drive to Horchu (Manasarover Lake) - Camp full board
Day 12: Drive To Paryang - Camp full board
Day 13: Drive To Saga - Camp full board
Day 14: Drive to Lhatse - Camp full board
Day 15: Drive to Rongbuk - Everest BC - Camp full board
Day 16: Everest Base Camp explore - Camp full board
Day 17: Trek back to Rongbuk near (Everest Base camp)- Camp full board
Day 18: Drive Rongbuk to Xegar - (Nepalese staff will back to Zhangmu group will be continue to Lhasa) - full board
Day 19: Drive to Xigatse, visit Tashilunbu Monastery - full board
Day 20: Drive to Gyantse - sightseeing in Gyantse - full board
Day 21: Drive to Lhasa via Yamtso Yo Lake – full board
Day 22: Lhasa normal sightseeing with guide – full board
Day 23: Lhasa normal sightseeing with guide - full board
Day 24: Around Lhasa monastery with minibus and guide – full board
Day 25: flight Lhasa - Kathmandu and transfer to hotel (Bed & breakfast)
Day 26: Kathmandu hotel (Bed and breakfast) - Fare well dinner in Bhojan griya
Day 27: final Departure
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