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Lightbulb Official Forum Policies

TRAVEL FORUMS POSTING RULES AND GUIDELINES cannot and will not be held responsible for the content in these forums. The staff (administrators, super moderators and moderators) cannot and will not be held responsible for any posts, the content in the posts and any unreliable information submitted to these forums by members of The Travel Forums. cannot and will not be held responsible for any slanderous remarks made by any member.

The responsibilities of a Travel Forums (TF) Member
  1. Be respectful. It’s peTFectly fine to disagree with others as long as it is done respectfully and civilly, but do not attack other members in your posts or comments. Name calling of other members is absolutely not tolerated here and may result in suspension.
  2. If you have a problem with a post or a member here, please do not deal with it on the board. Please send them e-mail or a Private Message (PM) to discuss the matter. Or, if you do not feel comfortable with this, contact and Administrator or Moderator to help resolve or mediate the matter.
  3. Please remember to provide the source for an image or news story you share with us here. Journalists and photographers deserve credit for their work, just as those who take the time to scan in images from magazines or newspapers do. We want to continue to enjoy news stories and images and do not want people angry at us and prohibiting us from doing so.
  4. Reference to other boards is required on the basis of crediting the members of another board for a news story or image or announcement, etc. Reference to and continuations of discussions from other MBs is absolutely not permitted and will be automatically removed without discussion by Administrators or Moderators.
  5. This is a Travel discussion forum; please remember to stay on topic.
The following are not permitted in any shape or form at TF, and are grounds for suspension or a permanent ban.
  1. Profanity and coarse language is prohibited. Although the main language here is English, this rule also pertains to swear words or graphic language in a language other than English. If you see a comment made by a member in another language that includes swearing, or swearing is part of their signature or member name, please report it to an Administrator or Moderator.
  2. Absolutely no advertisements, chain letters, spam or related materials.
  3. No selling of personal items, even Travel-related items. This is a discussion forum; we are not e-bay for Travel-related merchandise.
  4. Pornography is not permitted.
  5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you have forgotten your password or login information, please contact an Administrator or Moderator to have it e-mailed to you. Do not create yourself a new account.
Before posting, please consider the following:
  1. Before starting a new thread, take a look ensure that there is not already a pre-existing thread discussing the same matter. Administrators and Moderators of TF have the right to delete or merge duplicate threads. If starting a new thread, please post a title that accurately reflects the contents and information within the thread so that members are not misleading.
  2. Do not post in caps. In message board language it is considered yelling, and as such, rude and offensive. If a thread title or post is typed in caps, it may be edited or deleted at a moderator's discretion.
  3. Please think about how you use font sizes and colors. It can easily be overdone, distracting and hard to read. Posts made in this manner may be edited or deleted at a moderator's discretion.
About threads at TF:
  • News Threads - Find the latest news about particular Travels and related discussions
  • Picture Threads - Post a favorite, old or new picture
  • News and Picture Threads - A combined thread of news and pictures of particular Travels
  • Specific events will often get their own seperate threads, such as special state visits or occasions, such as the birth of a child or a wedding
If you need help please do not start a thread asking how to post a picture or change your avatar, etc. We have a Forum Support and Feedback section found at the top of the Index page where members can go for help and support. But before posting your question, please check the Frequently Asked Question, found here:

If you have a complaint about a member or a situation please do not post it publicly in the middle of the thread in question or in Forum Support and Feedback. Please contact an Administrator or Moderator via e-mail or PM to help you sort out the problem privately.

Signatures should be limited to a maximum of 4 lines of standard font text. Large font text should not be used in signatures. There is to be no swearing or graphic language used in a signature.

Avatars should not be an offensive or graphic image of a sexual or crass nature -- which is up to the discretion of Administrators and Moderators here. Such images as avatars can result in the member being placed on probation or suspended.
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