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Old 05-01-2005, 06:26 PM   #1
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BF to Europe on 752 question

Just found this forum, and I've been doing some reading. Interesting place! I started travelling considerably more two years ago than I ever had, and finally made it into the ranks of FF elite-dom last year. Yes, I know, keep the excitement under control.

I am going to Europe the end of this month on one of those Z fares, flying BF from IAH->EWR->BRS. I realize the Bristol leg hasn't even begun yet (first flight is 5/15, I think), but I have a quick question on the seating.

I notice that the international 757s (often 757-200s or 752s, I guess) have 4 rows in BF rather than the usual 6 for a domestic 757. Are those seats in BF the same as the BF seats on 777 planes? Or are they just further apart, leather things like on a domestic 737? People have talked about "BF seating" or whatever, but I'm just curious if the actual chairs are the same. And if they are, why does Continental's website act like the sleeper seat is a 777 exclusive?

Just curious. I might actually get to sleep on the plane if I'm in one of the neat chairs. I got upgraded to BF on a 777 from EWR to IAH last year, and I really thought the seating was comfortable.


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Sturob - Not to worry. Altho the seats are not exactly the same as those on the 777s, they are certainly a reasonable facsimile thereof and you will be very comfortable. CO is touting the new 777 seats as a great leap forward, but IMHO they are only a marginal improvement over the old seats, the ones you will find in the 752. Those seats have served us very well in the past and you'll get your money's worth.
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