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Lost my seat assignment after check-in

I had a weird incident last Sunday as I flew home, ATL-IAH-AUS, the return portion of a roundtrip ticket. Four nights before my return trip, I was EUAed on both flghts and given "2E" on CO541 (IAH-AUS).

Flight Number: 541
Date: July 21, 2002
Origination: IAH
Destination: AUS
Seat: 02E*
I checked in at 5pm EDT, 1h50min before my ATL-IAH flight and was given boarding passes for both flights.

Upon boarding CO541 (IAH-AUS), about 30min before departure, a man was sitting in 2E next to his wife. I asked him if he was in the correct seat and he said that he was. A FA compared our BPs and verified that both were valid and for this flight.

The FO took the two boarding passes out to the gate agent and a redcoat returned, handing me my original stub which had "2E" scratched out with pen and "2A" written on it.

The redocat apologized, the FA apologized, and interestingly enough, the guy in 2E apologized several times. I was fine with it and just sat in 2A.

We pushed back with at least 2 empty seats in FC.

Not that I really cared about 2A vs 2E, but I found it curious that another passenger had an identical boarding pass to me for a seat that had been mine for 4 days and that I had checked in for about 6 hours before the flight.

Based on the weirdness and the guy's behavior, I sort of wondered if he had a friend that managed to bump a confirmed passenger out of a FC seat assignment so that he could sit next to his wife. It's not like there weren't 3 other seats available (2 plus the 1 that I finally sat in)

Even more interesting, my onepass statement:

7/21/02 Air CONTINENTAL 0221 XF ATL IAH 689

7/21/02 Air CONTINENTAL 0541 XA IAH AUS 500
On CO541, I flew in "XA," not "XF" -- they actually rebooked me in A class. I had always thought that the redcoat had given the other guy a new seat assignment, but since I was standing there without a seat, he just wrote down a seat on my BP so that nobody would have to move.

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Old 07-25-2002, 01:49 AM   #2
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Extremely strange. Of all of it, I think that the guy's apologizing is the most suspicious bit. Wish there was a way to figure out what the story was.
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