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New Continental Select offer

I'd previously received an offer for the tailored Continental Select promotion. My offer was to fly 7 qualifying trips to earn <mumble-low> OnePass Bonus miles. I haven't changed my flying habits to accomodate the promotion, though, and won't come anywhere near 7 qualifying trips before the promotion ends.

I did, however, receive a second related promotion earlier. (It was in my stack of mail upon returning from Tokyo). This promotion seems like a nice deal. It's an extension to my President's Club membership if I renew:

As a special bonus for participating in Continental Select, you will receive three additional months free when you purchase or renew an annual membership (Promotion Code PCC3); or receive six additional months free when purchasing or renewing a three-year membership (Promotion Code PCC6).
To take advantage of the promotion, I have to renew by 28-Feb. Seems like a great deal to me.
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