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Operated by KLM?

I was checking fares for my spring break trip to New York, when I stumbled upon a 747 going from SEA-EWR at I had never seen this flight in my life. I read underneath the flight number, "Operated by KLM". KLM going from SEA-EWR? I had never heared of such a thing. I decided a would do some research to see if I qualified for an elite upgrade. I went to Northwest's website since I figured I would proabaly be able to find the flight there since it was KLM and Northwest/KLM. Ok, so I went to where I couldn't find a single trace of that flight. Then I decided to go to and typed in a one-way from SEA-EWR leaving on April 14th, and I told them ONLY to search KLM. Again, no trace of the flight at all. Strange, I thought. I then went back to, and in the arrival/departure info box i typed in 9624. It pulled up as a flight originating in Teipi, Taiwan--then going to Seattle--and then going to Newark. It read, operated by KLM. I still couldn't understand it. I called My elite line at Northwest and she cleared up the confusion, It was actually an EVA air flight, and she told me that I would NOT qualify for the upgrade. To confirm this, I thought I would call continental. So when I called Continental and asked for flight 9624, the guy asked what airline that was. I told him it was continental and it was a codeshare orginating in Teipi. He told me that their was no codeshare like that and it coud not have been continental. Ok now to the point. Can I upgrade on this flight?, and can Continental elites even upgrade on this flight?
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