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Old 02-01-2005, 11:10 AM   #1
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Another Delta Customer Service Debacle

Here's a copy of 2 e-mails I've sent to Delta. They have yet to respond to either. It is no wonder this airline is in a death spiral.

E-Mail #1

I am writing on behalf of my wife [deleted]. She purchased tickets for her daughter and her daughter’s significant other to come visit us in Tampa from Columbus, Ohio (refer to Ticket Numbers XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX). They were to have traveled today Jan 28th, returning to Columbus on Sunday, Jan 30th. They will not be making this trip at this time. As I write this e-mail, my wife (and her daughter) are keeping vigil over [deleted]’s terminally ill mother in the Columbus, Ohio area. Unfortunately, she is expected to pass at any time. (A review of your records will show that [deleted] traveled on short notice yesterday, Jan 27th, DELTA flight no. XXXX – this to be with her mother in her last hours).

My wife purchased the low fare tickets for [deleted] and [deleted] not expecting her mother to become gravelly ill. We really have no control over these things. I spoke last evening to a Delta customer service agent to inquire about the options for these tickets. I was told that the person who purchased the tickets will have to appear, DEATH CERTIFICATE IN HAND, AT A DELTA AIRPORT COUNTER in order to get a refund. I understand the restrictions on the low fare tickets and Delta’s need to control fraud, but when your agent told me this it seemed, well, just a bit harsh.

I sincerely hope that Delta’s Customer “Service” will reconsider this requirement and just refund the cost of the tickets to the credit card on which they were purchased.

Thank you for your consideration.

(I think it is outrageous to expect my wife, at this time, to appear at an airport counter with a "Death Certificate in Hand", to use the words of the Delta "Customer Service" agent, in order to get a refund...)

E-Mail #2

For the 2nd time in a week, Delta Airlines has failed our family.

My daughter and I must travel to Columbus for the funeral of my daughter's maternal Grandmother (Please refer to my e-mail from 1/27/05 on a related matter). I did a search on for "Bereavement" and found the page on your website describing bereavement fares purportedly offered for the situation that we are in, but one must either appear in person or call reservations. I called reservations at 800-221-1212, and after a 20 minute hold was informed that Delta does NOT offer bereavement fares. Evidently, this little detail was overlooked when you "restructured" your fares. This horrible treatment of your customers is unconscionable. At best, Delta has once again provided a reason as to why they are failing as an airline. At worse, this could be construed as false advertising.

The ONLY reason I will travel on Delta for this trip is the schedule. My wife has requested my daughter and I be in Columbus at a specific time and yours is the only flight that works. I'm aware the flight is actually on Chautauqua, and history shows that we will likely be delayed or cancelled - I really have no choice but to risk it. And to top it off, I have purchased our ticket through and yet Delta Airlines will bear no responsibility for Chautauqua to perform. Although our itinerary for the leg to CMH is certain and will not change, I must now book a firm return trip, or submit to the outrageous unrestricted fare required for a fully changeable ticket. As much as I want to remain flexible for my Wife and her family, the reality is that I cannot afford that "luxury". So my family suffers.

I will not hesitate to tell everyone I know about this scenario. Further, unless backed into a corner (as I am now) I will avoid Delta Airlines and their affiliates for any travel in which I have a choice in carriers. The real shame in all this is that Delta was once my first choice in airline travel. Given your current direction, I don’t see me being a Delta cheerleader anytime soon.

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Old 02-22-2005, 09:25 PM   #2
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I'm very sorry to here about the death in your family.

Bereavement Fares are a joke. You can easily find a last minute fares
on another airline for at least $100 less.
...We no longer offer them by the way.


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Old 12-09-2005, 01:28 AM   #3
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Delta's service in my opinion has gone down down hill
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Old 12-21-2005, 11:51 PM   #4
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I actually had a great experience with them after I had to cancel tickets -- to TAIWAN -- after a sudden death in the family.

I called them, spoke directly with a customer service agent, who was sympathetic and outlined what I needed to do clearly enough to my addled brain that I managed to write it all down.

I didn't get around to mailing my original tickets, a copy of the newspaper obituary, and my birth certificate until about a month later, and I never heard a word from them, just saw the entire sum refunded on my credit card statement.

In addition, when I rescheduled the Taiwan trip but never got the paper tickets because 1) I got tickets last-minute and 2) they mailed them where I asked them to, which was where I was not -- they just reprinted the tickets for me (after I showed proper ID) at the check-in desk.
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Old 08-23-2007, 12:52 PM   #5
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That is truly terrible service. I managed to fly Delta with no trouble at all after my father's death, last May -- it was a last minute rush to get back on the plane two days after I got back from visiting him in the hospital, but I had no trouble at all getting a reasonable rate and getting there in time. I think it's dreadful that their customer service and bereavement rates have gone downhill so very much in the last year.
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Old 12-16-2007, 12:31 AM   #6
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Delta cancelled my flights with no explanation, just over a week before departure!

I have organized a soccer tour of the Caribbean (we were to land in St. Lucia) this December (2007). Over 50 people are attending; stadiums, hotels, transportation has all been booked and paid for. Nearly 20 people (fans/players) were booked with Delta.

This morning, passengers from one of the planes recieved an e-mail saying their flight is cancelled. They were offered a refund (but it will take a minimum of 60 days to return the money). I suppose Delta wants to illegally collect a little interest off of the payment before they return it.

Thousands of dollars will be lost on deposits, credit card interest and purchases. After spending 4 hours on the phone with the circle of Delta managers, liers, etc., nothing could be arranged by the person in charge of the bookings on that flight. They were told "Delta has no flights going to St. Lucia and nothing can be done"

After hearing this story while at work, I assumed obviously that I'd come home to an e-mail telling me the other flight is cancelled as well. Nope, our other flight (for now) is still running. I phoned Delta and the lady I spoke to (unaware of our other problems) confirmed that Delta still had a plane going to St. Lucia (mine) and that there were plenty of seats still available.

This company is a disaster. Literally a scam. I can do nothing to fight them, I can only hope to ensure no one else suffers from their deceitfullness!!! DO NOT FLY DELTA!!!

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