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Cancelling flights a week before departure... no explanation given! Beware of DELTA!

I have organized a soccer tour of the Caribbean (we were to land in St. Lucia) this December (2007). Over 50 people are attending; stadiums, hotels, transportation has all been booked and paid for. Nearly 20 people (fans/players) were booked with Delta.

This morning, passengers from one of the planes recieved an e-mail saying their flight is cancelled. They were offered a refund (but it will take a minimum of 60 days to return the money). I suppose Delta wants to illegally collect a little interest off of the payment before they return it.

Thousands of dollars will be lost on deposits, credit card interest and purchases. After spending 4 hours on the phone with the circle of Delta managers, liers, etc., nothing could be arranged by the person in charge of the bookings on that flight. They were told "Delta has no flights going to St. Lucia and nothing can be done"

After hearing this story while at work, I assumed obviously that I'd come home to an e-mail telling me the other flight is cancelled as well. Nope, our other flight (for now) is still running. I phoned Delta and the lady I spoke to (unaware of our other problems) confirmed that Delta still had a plane going to St. Lucia (mine) and that there were plenty of seats still available.

This company is a disaster. Literally a scam. I can do nothing to fight them, I can only hope to ensure no one else suffers from their deceitfullness!!! DO NOT FLY DELTA!!!
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