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english language teaching in a country anywhere in the world

Are you looking for a fulfilling and exciting job that doesn’t involve sitting in an office all day? Then this might be the solution for you: english language teaching in a country anywhere in the world. This is very similar to an English course in Oxford, with the small difference that it is not in the UK, but a country of your choice. By completing a TEFL course you gain a certificate, which allows you to teach english abroad and also often is a valuable experience to have had, because many of these courses take place in a foreign country rather than at home. An organisation that offers these courses is ITTO and they guarantee TEFL jobs in Mexico, South Korea and Prague As you can see, this means that there are opportunities to teach English in any part of the world. Whatever you are interested in, be it the culture of European metropolises, the beaches and tradition of South and Central America or the vibrant life in Asian cities, a TEFL certificate gives you the opportunity to live in almost any country of the world.

As an added bonus you are also able to learn the language of your host country and therefore add to your own personal skills. Being able to work as an English teacher means that there is no need to spend your holidays learning a language abroad (Sprachaufenthalt Kanada), even though this is just as exciting an experience as teaching and living overseas.
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