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Angry rock climb

Mount Hua is the most specific mountainous scenic spot in China,famous for its precipitousness and nearly perpendicular cliffs.It is a huge complete granite ,so steep and as if the cliffs were made by extraordinary craftsmanship.Mt.Hua is an idyllic place for rock –climbing.People have climbed Mt. Hua for adventure since Qin Dynasty.On June ,1949,one squad of eight PLA soldiers crawled on the rock surface with only a rope,scaled to the North Peak.made a harsh strike against the enemy on the North Peak,breaking the legend:“There has been only one road up Mount Hua since ancient times.”Also created a model of primitive rock- climbing in China.
In1997,Chinese Mountaineering Association and Mt. Hua Administrative Bureau held the fifth national rock-climbing championship in Mt. Hua.The peculiar and hard granite cliffs are the ideal natural rock –climbing arena.So Mt. Hua was choosed as unique natural rock –climbing base by Chinese Mountaineering Association since then.
Rock–climbing originated from mountaineering sport in England.Why rock-climbing?Adventure,freedom,go where no one has ever been,enjoy the excitement of newness.A series of international rock-climbing contests have been held in Mt. Hua which reputed as“ The first rate natural climbing conditions in the world”.The experts from Japan ,South Korea,and Spain came here to do a survey.In 1999,three experts from French Mountaineering Association came to Mt. Hua and set up seven routes for rock –climbing.It really made a hit after the programme was broadcasted in France.
TRock-climbing is a fast growing sport for all ages and both sexes.Indoor “rock gyms”are popular in big cities,but there are no substitute for outdoor climbing on “real” rock.Nowadays ,ordinary tourists can choose different climbing rating routes ,experience the thrills of outdoor rock-climbing in Mt. Hua.
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