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Snorleling , Sharm el Sheikh

Snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh can be the highlight of a vacation, but there are a number of things to consider before hitting the water. Visitors planning to snorkel only once or twice may want to consider saving space in their suitcases by hiring equipment such as masks and snorkels from hotels in the area.

Rental equipment of excellent quality can be found for very cheap, but tourists might want to consider that this equipment is on hire to everyone and may not fit every person perfectly.Alternatively, travelers may want to purchase their own snorkeling equipment in advance, shopping around for inexpensive merchandise. It is essential to find the equipment that fits each diver most comfortably especially when selecting a mask. Tourists who wear glasses or prescription lenses may look into getting prescription masks, lens inserts, or self-adhesive bifocal skins to stick on to the lower part of the mask. These are available at many dive shops or online which can offer fast delivery if the selected item is in stock. Soft water shoes are optional . Fins of some sort are recommended for dives lasting longer than fifteen minutes to help avoid cramping and overexertion. If diving bootees are worn for protection from the shoreline then the natural choice of fins would be with adjustable straps.

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There are plenty of choices for snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh. The numerous dive operators in the area can take you to various short or long excursions to see the world-renowned underwater life of the extensive reefs in Ras Mohammed or Tiran, but since there are good reefs outside Naama Bay, Ras Um Sid and Shark's Bay as well, snorkeling can already be rewarding just from your hotel beach. There are many daily joint diving and snorkeling excursions, so it is worthwhile to make sure that the sites of the excursions are good for snorkelers as well.
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