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Vietnam DMZ Travel Guides - Vietnam War Travel

By mid 1954, the French had realized that it had lost the war to the Viet Minh and would not want to fight further. The Geneva Conference was held on the 20th and 21st of July 1954 to solve the problems in Indochina producing a number of agreements to settle the war. The set of agreements were called the Geneva Accord.
According to the Geneva Accord, Vietnam was temporarily divided into 2 zones with the provisional military demarcation line between North and South Vietnam was the vicinity of 17 N latitude from the mouth of the Ben Hai River (Cua Tung River) and the course of that river. The Demilitarized Zone was to be created on either side of the demarcation line to width of not more than 5 km to act as a buffer zone. Vietnam was to become an independent nation. Elections were to be held in July 1956, under international supervision, to choose a government for Vietnam.
The temporary division of Vietnam would mean 20 years; the Demilitarized Zone would be the most destroyed area during the war; the election would simply never come as planned in 1956. The Geneva Accord was simply meant to be on paper only.
Nowadays traveling in the DMZ, the visitor can still visit the live marks of the war and learn about the proccess of bringing the 2 pieces of this country together again.
Vietnam War Travel Guides
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