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Airat GRT
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We search Travel Partners in travel across Russia

Who wants to join the cheerful and kind company of the travellers, wishing to travel practically the most part of Russia, to visit at once all its most interesting places, to get acquainted and communicate to huge quantity of good people, to participate in the interesting social program on the help to children from children's homes and the most important - to learn and open for itself other Russia and to meet new friends in Russia .
We will start on June, 1 from Sankt - Petersburg - we go up to Baikal, then we go around of Baikal and on August, 1 back. In Petersburg we shall be on September, 24. Our web site with routes, about us and so on - here
We are not commercial agency. And travel we make for themselves and for our friends. At us two cars, also are supposed 8 participants. On a route we will be helped by our friends.
We simply shall arrive on a visit to them, we will spend time together with our friends in their city.
All fee on travel - gasoline, maintenance car-service, a meal and residing - is divided half-and-half together with our sponsors. All fees occupy about 35-45 dollars for a day (or 2100 - 2700 for all 60 days from Petersburg till Baikal, or from Baikal till Petersburg)) on each participant of a team, and a little money to souvenirs and so on. It is possible to join us at any stage of travel.
If it is interesting to you (or to your friends) - that we wait for you - at us still remained about 4 places. Only I ask to hurry - we shall start on June, 1 and on May, 1 I give lists on registration of visas.
Write about itself (hobbies, life rules and so), that you would want to see in Russia, for what time-term would like to join us. Do you need the visa? Do you need the tent and sleeping bag? Our mailbox, ICQ - 329-701-336 and 818-433

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Old 04-11-2006, 02:51 PM   #2
Airat GRT
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Volga Region

Volga Region

Volga Region

13400 km (8375 miles) Kazan.

This city meets us in the millenium! How long we waited for this meeting with Airat and Anton who have made the huge contribution to success and comfort of our travel. Kazan architecture is similar to Moscow, and in spirit to all Russian architecture, in spite of the fact that it is Tatarstan. Therefore, each person who views this has his or her own perspective. As the Russian saying goes: “eyes, one by one”.

This bright, stylized, rich city was brushed to its 1000th year anniversary. There sits the Kremlin, where in one territory there is a orthodoxy temple and mosque Kule Sheriff and the tower. It was from this edifice, that the fine Tatar wife of Khan Siyumbike was dumped, when she did not obey Tsar Ivan Grozniy. A temple of All Religions it is, indeed, each dome and a hall representing the religious current. The unity of it speaks that which each truly spiritual or metaphysical person realizes: God Is uniform (Oneness).

We took an excursion in the Bulgar region. Travelling by motorboat, we journeyed to the ancient capital of the medieval state Volga Bulgaria, center of the Bulgar. Along the highway traveling, we had met a new friend, Ella. Varying from our planned route, we floated across the Volga by boat, having accepted her invitation to come visit with her.

Ella is an unconventional teacher, and a philologist. We debark from the boat, and moor it at her river inlet “station”, which is a village located on the banks of the Volga. We spent overnight visiting her at her home on the banks of the river.

In the village,Ella teaches everyone how to knit caps. Have you ever seen anytime when three men sit in a circle, and with concentration, knit on spokes??? While there in her village, we enjoyed a supper, a bath-house, an artist named Farida, and an excursion in her workshop.

The following two days, we spend on coast of the Volga River with the huge amicable company of tourists, mostly cave explorers. A ferry through a ravine, descended into a cave where only the most courageous and slender have passed through the manhole. The passage, termed the "Flounder", is reminiscent of a female genital. Therefore, so to speak, those who through a manhole have passed, have been born anew!

And in the evening there was a harmless war!!! We mercilessly destroyed each other, all in good fun, with harmless electronic weapons (“laser tag” as Americans call it). It was only a 15 minute fight on 150 square meters with artificial obstacles, which trance musical support proceeded. This experience produced some unreal drive!!! Most certainly the spirit of friendship has won! But, by amount of points, Roustam has won. Further into the evening, we went out to a night club, and billiards and bowling. Our departure is delayed for a day.

As Marina said at that time, “I would remain here to live. Now, in so many words about the city of Kazan, ‘ such heat is spilled inside.’”
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